Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celebrity Status

Years ago when there was a lot less good stuff of a sexual nature on the net, or at least when it was more difficult to find, there was a pay site starring a woman who calls herself Oasis. She's still out there and going strong apparently. Even back then, as she does now, she hypes up her site with the claim that she bareback fucks her fans - i.e. subscription paying members. There's nothing in her intro now to suggest how she selects the guys she's going to do. In the old days I remember seeing, "Win a date with Oasis!" somewhere on her site though I don't recall what kinds of hoops the lucky stiffs might have had to jump through for the opportunity to fill Oasis's pretty hole with their warm goo.

Another lady, Crystal Cooze in the newsgroups, has been around almost as long and she also fucks her fans although she's graduated to selling videos of her encounters online. She wrote to Dee and me once, after one of our posts, to point out that we have the same style of bed which I thought was cool 'cause she's a celebrity to me and there she was writing to us.

Anybody whose had an online presence for years I think of as a celebrity of sorts. Certainly Oasis and Crystal are celebrities to me, as is the famous Wifey even though she only performs with her husband. I'm not sure, though, in general why it is that I think of others who do the kind of stuff we do as celebrities while I'd think it amusing if anybody thought of us that way. Is it the commercialism of one's online offerings that makes the difference?

Just about all of Dee's lovers started out as "fans."
Would having a commercial website make us celebrities?

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mia said...

Joe, you are MY celebrity. When you comment on my blog you make my day!!! I look up to you so to see a comment pop up from you is a huge honor.

D said...

No, I don't think having a commercial website would be the thing for you and Dee. You're already celebrities to your fans and for me if you went "public", so to speak, some of the closeness and personal feelings that we have for you two would somehow seem to dwindle a little. That's just my take. I love you both the way you are. I like to think that you share yourselves with others who happen upon your blog but you don't take out ads in the newspaper. Just my 2c. Mac

Sheen V said...

Its not the commercialism that makes one a celebrity. It is the wide readership that does, and I think you and Dee have that wide readership. BTW, Wifey's videos should be mandatory viewing for anyone wishing to perfect the art of hand and blow jobs. She's "the" proffessional!

Dew said...

You are Celebs NOW!! I so no reason to go to a comercial website. What you have is awsome. I plan on remaining a huge fan what ever you do.--Dewayne