Saturday, June 02, 2007

...Doing Something He Loved

I've been spending quite a bit of time lately doing something that's both fun and exhilarating (related to the new toy I wrote about last month) and while doing it there's plenty of time for introspection and miscellaneous thinking. Sometimes the thoughts that strike me are stark and one such raw bit of cerebral meandering slithered across my brain this morning. I remembered a man I knew some years back who loved the outdoors - snowmobiling in particular. He never finished his last trip across what he thought was a solidly frozen lake on his snowmobile. The weight of the machine broke through the ice and carried him to a most unpleasant death. It wasn't so much his passing that I recalled this morning, but a snippet from his obituary - (one of those schmaltzy verbose kinds which are coming into vogue) - and something I heard time and time again from other folks who knew him as we talked about his passing: "At least he died doing something he loved."

Fuck that! It's no consolation to me that he died doing something as lame as snowmobiling no matter how much he enjoyed it.

But I thought about that this morning - thought about if I could choose to go out of this world while doing something, what it might be that I'd like to be in the middle of doing. God help me, but the only thing I could seriously consider was making my grand exit while having sex - preferably at least after that first big gush of my orgasm. Granted, it would be most horrible for my partner, especially if it were in a motel room for a casual coupling with no more than an acquaintance, but honestly, there's nothing else I love doing as much about which anybody could possibly say with any kind of meaning as in regard to my demise while doing it, "At least he died doing something he loved."

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Anonymous said...

Imagining the plight of the partner in case such a thing happens, i'm sure he will be like 'i dont care if she dies doing something she loved'

Lapis Ruber said...

Hence the old joke about the man who died having an orgasm - "he didn't know whether he was coming or going"

D said...

No doubt about it, we're all going to go one way or the other. I can't think of a better way than yours, Joe.