Sunday, June 03, 2007

Without Clothes

I think the idea of Terry Bradshaw's "naked room" in Failure to Launch is brilliant except I'd extend it to the whole world. Clothing should be optional everywhere. Period. It's not so much that I want to see other people without their clothes, though that would be a nice bonus. I'd just like to go anywhere and do anything without having to wear clothes myself.

I've had these feelings ever since I could hold up some fingers to show how old I was. I remember one time stripping myself nude under the cover of the small couch that my grandma kept in her kitchen for napping. I wasn't doing anything in particular because I was far too young to know about masturbating; I simply liked the feeling of having all of my clothes off. The reason I remember this story so distinctly is that some salesman came knocking on the kitchen door and before I could get myself dressed grandma came flying down from upstairs in response to the knock and let the guy in! I remember lying there freaking out at the thought that grandma might for some reason ask me to get out from under the covers.

Summer of 2000 when I got my first decent digital camera

and discovered the joy of taking off all of my clothes and
photographing myself for my website.

I remember being prepubescent and stripping under the covers on my bed at night, with a small flashlight so I could see myself. Again, I didn't know that stroking my cock would give me the rich pleasure that it does and I was just reveling privately in the freedom I felt in being sans clothing. I took extended baths at the same time so I could have extra naked time. It was totally innocent! I swear!

My first huge step with nakedness was when I saw M nude for the first time and took my clothes off for her too. Of course that wasn't totally innocent at all. In addition to having my fingers and tongue in her slit, and my cock in her mouth, I really enjoyed hugging her with nothing in between us. I loved the feeling of her bare body against mine and not only because my stiff and dripping cock was pressed against her soft belly when our lips aligned to kiss. I liked touching her all over, running my hands over every square inch of her bare flesh. I did it reverently when I wasn't hyper excited and needing for her to make me cum. The inherent beauty of the nude human form came alive for me with M.

My next big naked discovery didn't happen till the start of this decade when, armed with my new Kodak digital camera, I took to the great outdoors to photograph myself for the guys who visited my naked self portrait website in droves. As soon as I was fully nude in the open air I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom - maybe akin to what I felt when I first came into this world and might have thought (if my brain were capable then of full thought), "Oh, wow! This is so cool!" I returned to that place a number of times after that first photo session to masturbate with the sky itself as my ceiling. I'm not by any means a fan of spending time out of doors and doing naturey shit, but what I feel when I'm totally bare outside touches upon awe.

Watching Don and Dee take off each other's clothes the first time they ever made love was another moment in which nakedness took on almost a life of its own for me as was the first time I ever touched another man's hard cock with trembling fingers, but I know I've already written extensively about them and won't rehash either now.

My wife and her lover sixty-nining under the early evening sun.

I will mention, though, my most recent naked discovery moment in spite of its being nearly five years past. It was when Don and Dee made love for the first time outdoors, in a clearing in the woods. Watching them doing their familiar, affectionate foreplay in that field with a warm evening sun overhead was even more breathtaking than seeing them doing all the same things in a room. They kissed, and fingered, licked and sucked all at leisure. When Don finally entered Dee's pussy and I stepped back to survey the entire scene - the sky, the trees, the grass, and them - my wife and her lover there in the middle of it all - it was perhaps the most magnificent setting for human nakedness and frolic that I've ever seen. It was as if we were on holy ground and they with their bodies fully and gloriously bare were priest and priestess in an ancient, profound rite in a great outdoor cathedral. It was beautiful, moving, and humbling to witness.

Some of life's best moments are lived without clothes on!

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D said...

Really, I've never known the freedom of being nude in the great outdoors. I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling especially if you happen up on a scene such as this. What a sight!