Thursday, June 07, 2007


Something M wrote to me on the back of her senior photo in '77 haunts me in an ironic way. This is it...

"Don't forget everything we ever did."

She was writing about our sex - our adolescent experimentation with each other's bodies, most of it manual and oral though we did make some humorous (in retrospect) attempts at screwing and I did get my cock balls deep in her darling little pussy. What's so haunting about those words of hers is that they've been with me always, and if they were about anything less pleasant than seeing and touching M's body and having mine touched by her I'd consider them a curse destined to be with me all my days rather than the most enjoyable revisiting of the past they are. For the truth of the matter is that in the past 30 years hardly a day has gone by that I've not thought of M at least for a moment or two and those rich experiences we shared back then as fumbling teenagers, and I've probably sprayed gallons of cum through the years while masturbating and thinking about the things that she and I did together. Forget those things? Never! Not in a million years.

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D said...

I'm sure we all have memories of long ago that fall into this category. What a lovely age of innocence and such wonderful thoughts to masturbate to.