Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Going Back for More

Now and then one of our evenings with somebody will come to mind and when it does I try to remember as many details as I can about it. Sometimes there's a single moment that I remember distinctly because it was particularly exciting to me. Once such time that I recalled today happened when Dee made love with Jason in the summer of '05; Mike was with us that evening too. Dee and Jason undressed while kissing and once she had him fully bare Dee eased him back onto the bed with his legs hanging over the edge and knelt between them to suck him. She gave him a good workout with her mouth, pausing now and then to stroke his cock and kiss Mike. After Dee climbed onto the bed beside Jason they fingered each other and kissed some more briefly. He started to lick her pussy from the side while she kept toying with his dick with her fingers, but to our surprise he stopped after only a minute or two of lapping Dee's slit to tell us that he was going to cum soon and to ask where we'd like him to squirt.

Jason probably didn't give Dee's pussy a half
dozen pumps before he started cumming.

Because Dee hadn't been with Jason before she was very aroused and her cunt was well lubed. I gestured to her pussy, smiled at Jason and asked, "How about right here?" Dee, at the same time, bent her legs at the knees and opened her creamy thighs wide, presenting her bare bottom and in particular her slightly open and juicy hole to him in a most inviting manner. Jason's hard cock led the way like a divining rod as he scrambled on his knees to get between Dee's legs. I knew his efforts were going to be futile as he put his glans at Dee's vestibule and tried to enter her slowly because she nudged her bottom upward to meet his forward movement and drew the full length of his cock deep into her belly. Jason leaned forward to kiss Dee and within a few gentle rolls of his hips he was a goner, spraying his pleasure wildly up inside her. His climax wasn't at Dee's expense because she was well primed and orgasmed almost as soon as Jason entered her. I saw a trail of his fresh cum leak from the bottom of Dee's opening and drizzle down over her asshole as his cock continued to stab her hole with firm, meaningful jabs. My own excitement is at its zenith when I know the exact moment in which a lover is filling Dee up with his jizz and as Jason was cumming what I felt inside was every bit as good as my own orgasm in my wife's swampy hole later, after Mike came in her too and before Jason went back inside her for seconds.

I like it when a guy gets so excited with Dee that he can't hold back his first climax in spite of his most heroic efforts. It's tremendously arousing to know that I'm married to a lady who gets a guy going like that.

When somebody cums early in the evening he's usually good for more later on and Jason was indeed back to being rock hard after watching Mike and then me take our turns with Dee. He did her doggie style the second time and I don't think I've ever gotten better pictures than I did that evening of that tight ring of Dee flesh that clings to the circumference of her lover's shaft and moves back and forth as he drills in and out of her.

Jason did Dee doggie style the second time he slipped it to her
and the view of the thin membranes of her labia minora sticking
to his hard shaft and moving along with it was exquisitely delicious.

This post is late because we went out of town for the afternoon into early evening. I hadn't finished it yet, and now I've run out of steam so I'll call it quits here.

Tomorrow we have Mike on tap for the evening's pleasures. Stay tuned!

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D said...

Gee, Dee's pictures do the same thing to me. I shutter to think what it would be like in real life. That second picture is marvelous, Joe.

Bigboy269 said...

you're very lucky indeed