Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Little About Friends

I started writing a piece for here yesterday and with every sentence it just turned into a bigger pile of shit. I couldn't get my writing game on but not for want of trying. On the bright side I was able to write a substantial letter to a dear friend from whom I'd received one during the day. We write at length to each other a few times a year or so and I consider him a close friend though our only interaction through the past few years has been online. It is a deep hope that someday he and his wife, and Dee and I will all be in the same place at the same time together whether for a meal or more. He, too, has shared his wife with others and is one of only two men who've ever written to me in depth to say, "Hey! I know those emotions you try to express about sharing Dee." I can't tell you how good it feels to know I'm neither alone nor crazy in feeling the powerfully sublime things I do when Dee makes love with somebody else.

Speaking (Okay, writing.) about special guys, later today Dee will make love with Mike and it's going to be another of those long, long days of watching the clock and waiting for their time together to begin. Often I think of that first night we met him. Don had already partially undressed Dee while we waited for Mike's arrival. Little did we know that the winter weather outside was making his drive more treacherous by the minute and that his uncertainty about meeting with us was making him think about turning around and heading home instead of continuing to the motel. When we heard his knock Dee was bare from the waist up and as she greeted Mike with a warm kiss Don helped her out of her jeans. Dee got Mike's coat off, and then his shirt; she eased him into the chair beside the door and opened his pants. Within about two minutes of their first kiss Dee started sucking Mike's cock and she didn't stop, (except to change over to the bed so Don could fuck her from behind at the same time), until she made him cum in her mouth. It wasn't until she did that that I realized how special Mike had become to her in their e-mail exchanges and chats in the days leading up to our first time with him.

As I watched Dee give Mike head for the first time while Don worked her
pussy from behind it eventually dawned on me that she wasn't going to
stop sucking on Mike until she brought him to orgasm in her mouth. She
had never done that before as a first time encounter with anybody, nor since.

It didn't take long for Mike to become as special to me as he had already been to Dee. Though so many folks claim in the hot wife forums that you meet better people using a pay service like AFF we can't comment because we've always selected Dee's lovers from among the guys who've written to us in response to something we posted somewhere. In Mike's case he found our Yahoo profile and wrote to ask if we considered single guys as potential bed buddies for Dee. Never did I dream when I wrote back to invite him to write to Dee and tell her about himself that I'd just sent my first letter to a guy who'd become one of the best friends I'll ever have. I'd often dreamed in my crazy fantasies through the years about the crazy impossibility of watching another man fuck my wife, but not once did I ever fantasize about it being making love with emotion as much a part of it as the sex itself. When I watch Dee with Mike, just as when she's with Don, I witness something powerfully beautiful. I'll get to see that again before the sun sets today and my whole being waits eagerly feeling again those things I feel in the watching. Things I can never fully explain.

As our first evening with Mike came to an end he'd cum in her mouth once
and in her pussy twice. Their exchange of passion and emotion had been
as beautiful as it had been arousing and as they laid together like this
savoring the afterglow of their love making I knew that we'd found another
somebody truly special.

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enjoyingtheview said...

Great story. Beautiful photos. I have been reading your blog for just a few days, trying to catch up. I confess, I don't understand how you feel, or rather how you are able to share someone you love. But I think it's wonderful the relationship you have with each other. Thank you for shairing with your readers as well.

Blissfully Wed said...

I love to read of your wonderful adventures.

My best to you and Dee.


deeslittlemike said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the wonderful comments on our friendship. When I found your yahoo profile I was a horny guy looking for some pussy.

What I ended up with was very close and special relationship with two wonderful people.

Thanks to both you and Dee for being my best friends. You both mean a lot to me as well.

Thanks also for the wonderful evening of making love and fine dining!


D said...

What a post. Very special, Joe.