Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tissues and Touches

I had to replace my tissue supply here in the old computer corner a few days ago and, heaven help me, when I saw the 160 count on the top of the box all I could think was, "80 orgasms!" because I always use two tissues to collect the cum when I masturbate. One isn't enough to contain one of my typical messes, and three is too many. Two has been the perfect number since I was in my teens and first started ejaculating when I played with myself. I probably won't get exactly 80 climaxes out of this fresh box because I might need to blow my nose at some point, but most of these babies will give their little tissue lives to be cum catchers.

I very much enjoy looking at the pictures I take when Dee's making love with one or more of the guys. Though I like sharing them online with the folks who appreciate them, I make them primarily for myself. Sometimes I think I need them to convince myself that this isn't just one big dream in which I'm playing out my fantasies which have no chance of becoming real. As I've mentioned in the past, at times I'll see a picture I took a long time ago, and which I've viewed many times since I snapped it, but in a whole new light. Here's one of them that I came across just a few days ago...

That's my finger in Dee's pussy, rubbing my fingertip against the most sensitive spot on Mike's cock - on the underside just below his glans. To the discerning eye it says a lot about the closeness the three of us feel toward each other not only in bed but in "real life" too. The time we spend in bed with Mike (and Don) is very much an expression of affections too complicated to try to describe to anybody who hasn't been a party to the kind of sharing that Dee and I do which isn't really "swinging" and not exactly "hot wifing" but something as richly emotional as it is sexual. I'm glad that our friends are open to my touching them and more when they're making love with Dee. To me it makes the kind of male bonding that might be done on a golf course ghastly pale by comparison.

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Anonymous said...

Male bonding, indeed!

D said...

Definitely give a new meaning to the word "closeness", Joe.