Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Bunch of Things

There are a number of ideas spinning through my head this morning so when I shift topics abruptly hang on!

I commented not long ago and at other times on occasion about the website of my self pics that I ran some years ago. The Yahoo name I created for myself back then was "Hardjoe" in reference to my ever stiff dick and certainly not to my overall blubbery form. I still maintain the mail address though I don't use it; I guess I just want to keep the name because the Hardjoe persona was such a big part of me then, and it some ways it led up to where I am now in my sexual evolution. I check the inbox on the account monthly as a part of my regular online housecleaning. Here's the weird part. Even after years of inactivity old Hardjoe keeps getting those spams. Lots of spams! Here's a month's worth...

I guess 2:00 PM isn't a good time to go MILF spotting as I enjoy doing when I can in the summer because of all the bare legs showing. I hit a local strip mall yesterday around that time and if not for the cars in the parking lot you'd have thought the place was entirely deserted.

Don't you hate when Google tries to second guess you? There I was searching for, "he fucked my wife" and the old Goog offered this bit.

Why the hell would anybody ever search for "he kicked my wife?" Wait. Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that. There are still a number of sexual practices that I don't get and never will.

This in my comments from Mia yesterday...

There's something special to me about this lady - maybe our mutual quirkiness, but probably more that she writes so openly about her own sexuality with bits of other details about her life casually thrown in to give us a well rounded idea of who the lady is behind the blog. Thanks, Mia, for making me smile just about every day.

As I do most days, I was recently going through a picture set of Dee with one of her guys with my pants down around my ankles and came upon this shot of Dee with Ted surveying the valley from the motel high atop a hill.

Their love making had gone on for hours and it was intense. Ted flooded Dee with his cum quite literally, his ability to stay hard, keep going, and keep ejaculating on equal par with our Mike's, and the whole time he was with her on the bed he was kissing her and looking into her eyes as if he couldn't take in enough of her. I took my turn with Dee quickly that night, in perfunctory fashion so she could return to making love with him because it was one of those nights when I almost felt as if I were the guest invited to witness how deeply two souls can be joined by the intimate expressions of their bodies. As Ted and Dee stood there by that window, it was as if she was his. And for that time, in that place, she was. On our best nights with Dee's lovers it feels that way - that she and he have experienced the most fulfilling uplifting of body and spirit that two lovers can achieve. I'm always humbled when I'm in the presence of that feeling, so strong that it almost takes form in the room with us.

In two weeks we'll celebrate the fifth anniversary of that special night on which Dee gave herself over to my fantasy of seeing her having sex with another man by making love with Don. I didn't know then, of course, where opening that door would take us, least of all that I'd become practically adickted [sic] to watching other men's cocks working my wife's juicy pussy and making her cum for hours on end. We have a date with Don or Mike every week, but when we're about two days away from our usual play night it starts to feel like an eternity since I saw her get royally fucked. In two days we'll be with Don again and I'm already near climbing the walls with my desire to watch Dee take that long, lean cock of his into her mouth, cunt, and ass.

Sometimes it feels as if my need to see Dee's hole filled with hard cock is as vital as breathing.

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1 comment:

mia said...

It's a good thing I'm a musician and not an English major...grammar never has been by strong suit. It should read: There ARE a lot of quirky things we have in common.

Thanks for the kind words Joe. You and Dee are amazing.