Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Pleasure Games


It was at least ten years ago when I read Stephen King's (as Richard Bachman) "The Long Walk." It was during the bad years of our marriage when jerking off was usually the best sex I had, and I was nearly a neophyte online just coming to discover the rich variety of erotica available for the click of a mouse. For a while I entered a "dark period," fantasizing about sexual situations that involved potential penalties (as in King's story but without the sex) for failure to perform up to par. I wrote two short stories inspired by King's own during that time. I thought I'd posted the first one here long ago, but I can't seem to find it. If anybody enjoys this one and lets me know that they'd like to read the other, I'll dig it up.

During that same period I'd learned that one could interact with other horny folks who were online at the same time. I was heavily into IRC then (Internet Relay Chat - a part of the 'net that most folks don't even know about) and visiting regularly channels, (what AOLers call "rooms"), like "Masturbation" which was basically the hang-out for straight guys who were masturbating while chatting there. That probably started me somewhat on the road to being bi-curious because now and then I'd go into the channel with a female sounding nickname just to get some extra quality time with some guy who was playing with his dick. Strangely, I enjoyed taking on the female persona - thinking and chatting about sex from "her" perspective - and I liked helping guys to cum even though I wasn't quite "HornyAnna" or whomever I was pretending to be.

The story I'm posting here as today's entry I wrote during that period, in the first person as the central character who happens to be a married lady who enters an event in some kind of futuristic sexual Olympics called "The Pleasure Games" which I might have made into a whole collection of such tales if I'd had some outlet in which to share them with others en masse. The other story to which I referred up above was about another of the events in "The Pleasure Games" but written more or less as myself regarding some of my feelings about "M" who was the first girl with whom I shared sex. The darkness in both stories comes about because simply losing an event isn't the horror of it all as you'll see if you read through this story in which the penalty for losing is less grim than in the other.

You'll find in this story expressions of my bi-curiosity back then as well as some initial thoughts about wife sharing. You might recognize, if you're a regular reader here, other parts of "me" sprinkled here and there throughout the text. I don't promise it to be good writing, but simply a view into my head once upon a time.

The Hold Out Event

I'd just finished cleaning up the mess that the dog had made around its food dish when I heard the mail come through the slot in the front door. I love when the mail comes. Despite the usual barrage of bills to be paid and offers to discard I never lost the little girl's love of getting the mail, anticipating the rare something-magical that might arrive. The pink envelope caught my eye and as I gathered up the others in the dim light of the hallway I brought that one to the top of the pile.

Back in the kitchen as I glanced down at the day's offerings, the gold lettering on the pink envelope grabbed my attention immediately - "Pleasure Games Commission - Official Notice" it read. This was it! Inside would either be a courteous rejection letter or the acceptance of my application to participate in the 1996 Pleasure Games. My heart pounded a little as my fingernail slipped under the corner of the seal and I slid my finger across to make a jagged opening at the top. I reached inside, pulling out the contents, but with my eyes focused out the window, hesitating to look down lest it be the rejection that I thought would be more likely than my acceptance. Nevertheless, I could feel my nipples hardening into taut buds at the mere thought of being a participant.

It was almost a full year prior that I'd first applied to the commission, adding my biographical information and my best nude pictures to the online database and sending them my fee. The men who had applied for the same event would now have online access to my bio and my pictures and each would vote online for the woman they'd like to be in the game with them if they made it to the finals. Not surprisingly, most of my competition was from the pool of women throughout the country more like me than not - married housewives rather than nubile young things who most likely couldn't afford the $5000 application fee nor who would be sufficiently mature to crave the intense exploration of her sexuality that the event would provide. Here in my hand would be the results of the voting with the big, "Yes," or more likely, "No," that I'd long awaited. I reached into my sweat pants and gave my pussy a friendly touch, saying aloud, "Well, old girl, this is it," and then I looked down expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.

The one event that I'd applied for - the ultimate one to me - was named simply, "Hold Out," and reading the description of it on the web alone had caused me to masturbate shamelessly simply after thinking about it and imagining myself at the one who would be bound to the pleasuring machine with the participants and audience present and the whole country watching on television. I looked at the letter in my hand. Above the fold was nothing telling - the letterhead of the commission and, "Dear Marie, ... the Pleasure Games Commission has carefully reviewed the results of..." It wasn't until I'd unfolded the bottom of the letter that I finally read, " pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as the female participant in the 1996 Pleasure Games event - HOLD OUT." My legs went weak under me. I sat at the kitchen table and reread it in utter disbelief. I WAS the one!

When my heart stopped pounding I called Joe crying tears of joy, of relief, of excitement. Before I called the commission to inform them of my willingness to participate I wanted his blessing one more time. His wife would be nude on live television with machines pleasuring her body for a long time and then finally the one man - the one who would have held out as long as I - would deliver to me the ultimate pleasure. I needed to make sure that he thought he could handle it. When we'd discussed it in the past, even as he okayed the $5000 application fee, it was something fleeting - a dream that might but probably wouldn't come true. I could hear the beaming smile in his voice even as he told me, "Honey, go for it!" My fingers were trembling as I dialed the 800 number to the commission - "Hi, this is Marie R. I'd like to let you know that I WILL be participating in the "Hold Out" event.

Two weeks later I flew to the commission headquarters in Palm Springs where I would spend a week as the computers built a database about my body. For the Hold Out it would be critical that my orgasmic cycle was clearly mapped out and instantly available to the robotic devices that would pleasure me and the associated sensors that would control them. I was exhausted but not complaining when the week was over, having experienced countless orgasms with sensors all over my body feeding my neural data into the commission's computers. Day one had been spent on my breasts and nipples alone with the technicians stimulating them in every conceivable way. The techs were businesslike but playful at times which set me at ease despite the rather clinical environment. I think it was day four when my entire inside of my vagina was probed with numerous devices, followed the next day with stimulation around and in my anus, and the last day which concentrated on mapping out pleasure to my clitoris was pure heaven!

When I returned with the video the techs had given me of the highlights of my preparatory experiences Joe couldn't wait to see it. We watched it together while toying with each other and Joe came in my hand hardly twenty minutes into day one's offerings. He confessed that seeing the techs touching my bare breasts and applying the variety of electronic and robotic stimulators to them was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. By the time we finished the video, stopping it each time Joe orgasmed to save the rest for another time, I think he lost about a gallon of semen. I thought back to the week at Palm Springs and the myriad of pleasures I'd experienced and couldn't begin to imagine what it would feel like during the Hold Out, when the computer's orchestrations of my pleasures would be simultaneous over my whole body.

After I had confirmed my acceptance into the games I was able to access online the bios and nude pictures of the men who would be in the Hold Out with me - five of them had made it to the finals based on the physical and psychological testing which had narrowed the field and each them had the body of a god. If I'd had to I'd never have been able to choose the one who would take me as his prize, so sleek and well endowed was each, nor could I imagine what prompted each to apply to participate knowing that his chances of "surviving" to the end were one in five and what the consequences of failure would mean. Perhaps vanity and self assurance were at the forefront of their motives, though I'd like to have believed that it was a craving for me in particular that prompted them. I spent quite a bit of time online studying their pictures knowing that one of their five beautiful cocks would ultimately worm its way inside me and I masturbated often while looking at their bold, hard penises in the weeks that followed my trip to Palm Springs.

One week before the Hold Out would be played out I reported to a local hotel room as instructed where a doctor and a technician awaited to strap me into an electronic version of a chastity belt as a two man video crew taped the proceedings which would be played on the air as a prelude to my event. A part of the gear consisted of a slender and short jelly-like dildo which was inserted into my vagina with a hard plastic shell part strapped securely over my clitoral region. Its purpose, as they reminded me was to ensure that I would abstain from orgasming for a full week before the Hold Out. The insert and shell obviously were to prevent me or anybody else from stimulating me sexually and the built in electronic sensors would register if I had an orgasm to immediately disqualify me from the games.

Joe and I had made love for the last time before the event the night before and even as I slipped off my undies and laid back on the hotel bed for the men to put on the device I could still feel a warm tingle in my clitoris from our love making. Knowing that it would be our last time for at least a week and thinking about the Hold Out had raised both our passions to an almost dangerous new height which we took advantage of to give each other a number of toe curling climaxes with hands, mouths, and of course cock and pussy. Once my chastity device was securely in place the technician took a number of digital pictures of me fully nude and lying back with my legs raised. The pictures would be added to the participants' area of the Pleasure Games website. I was told then by the tech that the pictures of the men who would be in the Hold Out with me were already on the site if I'd like to see them. Their abstinence periods were for a full two weeks prior to the event and they would have similar devices attached to their penises. I thought of them - the men who would share the event with me - and wondered if any were getting cold feet. I for one was not in the least, but then again I didn't have anything to lose as they did.

When I got back home I checked the Pleasure Games site on the web almost forgetting my participant's access code in my haste to see my "warriors." The men's abstinence devices of necessity were more complex than mine, needing to account for the different sizes that their cocks might be in because of varying states of erection. It was interesting to read the explanation of how the built in computer chips automatically inflated or deflated the sleeves in which their penises were contained as sensors on the inside calculated the flow of blood, which would cause erection, into or out of their penises. Their cocks, snugly tucked into their harnesses, looked even longer and thicker than they had before and again I couldn't help but wonder which would be the prince to give me the release that the robotic lovers would make me crave so deeply.

Three days passed slowly and it didn't help when I was sucking Joe to orgasm each night because we couldn't fuck. Sucking his cock and making him cum in my mouth made me want to cum myself, but I dared not risk even trying to stimulate my excited pussy despite that sucking his cock had made my labia and clitoris swell and my vagina wet. Then with four days to go we flew to Palm Springs to participate in the official opening of the games on the following day with all the hype that went along with it. There I met "my guys" for the first time, they and I proudly sporting our "Hold Out" tee shirts, as we gathered for the parade which would officially begin the games. They were absolutely awesome men and just seeing them made my knees a little week especially when we took off our sweat pants to parade in tee shirts and sneakers only, as required, and I saw their beautifully sculpted asses and their huge balls dangling beneath their penis sleeves. In turn it excited me tremendously to see them checking out my bare buns and legs too and stealing peeks at my inner thighs where a few stray pubic hairs peeked out from beneath my pussy harness.

When we finally paraded into the arena and got into place I became just a little nervous as they began to announce the events and the names of the participants, knowing that when I heard my name I'd have to take off the tee shirt and stand there before the country's gaze in nothing but my sneakers, but relaxed when I thought that that would be nothing compared to the actual event. The names of my partners were being announced and in turn they drew their tees over their heads to the enthusiastic roar of the crowd. Their full nude bodies were even more spectacular than they'd looked before. As the fifth of my potential prizes finished stripping, my name was finally called. I pulled my tee shirt over my head with a flourish and as the full arena clapped its approval I saw on the huge monitors my breasts with my nipples standing hard. The introductions continued, but the men with me seemed oblivious, each of them looking at me unabashedly and thrilling me with their lustful stares especially when I noticed that their cocks were becoming hard and straining against the sleeves that held them in check until our event began. Two days to go!

Joe and I stayed in our hotel room most of the following day, occasionally tuning into the games on the television. He really wanted to attend the event known as "The Maypole" so around two o'clock we headed to the arena and were quickly escorted to the VIP area about a half hour before the event was to begin. Fifteen minutes later the players entered the performance area totally nude to the cheers of the crowd - ten men and ten women. As the men laid back on their small tables their pelvises were strapped into place to prevent them from thrusting while the women were strapped into the harnesses which would support them during the event. With the preparations complete, the support bars were snapped into place alongside the tables as the voice on the loudspeaker explained the event.

The women would have five minutes in which to stimulate their partners' balls and anuses with hands or mouths. No direct contact with their penises would be permitted. At the end of the five minutes each woman would be hoisted above her partner, her harness secured to the supporting bars and her vagina lowered onto her her partner's erect cock to engulf exactly half his total length. Then using the muscles in and around her vagina alone she would attempt to be the first to bring her partner to orgasm. The harness would ensure that she could not push her vagina down any further onto her partner nor pull upward to cause any friction against him..

Joe and I were seated with a beautiful black couple directly in front of us. He was lean and his body beautifully sculpted, and her small body seemed even more dwarfed as she positioned her mouth between his legs to begin her ministrations to his balls at the signal to begin the event. As the buzzer sounded the women got busy, each launching into her rehearsed and coached stimulation techniques. We were close enough to see the svelte black lady wet her finger and wriggle it into her partner's asshole as her tongue licked him in broad strokes below his big balls which she lifted out of the way carefully to avoid contact with his cock which would disqualify them. His mighty cock rose to the occasion and after a minute or two we could see his strong legs trying to push his pelvis upward, but the restraints held him in place so all he could do was enjoy the intense pleasure of her finger and mouth down below as his long, thick dick strained to hump the very air molecules around it. His cock was immense and pointing straight upward as his partner took each of his jewels in turn into her mouth giving one long final lick from his asshole to the base of his cock as the buzzer sounded to begin the main event.

Quickly a judge took her place between the man's legs with measuring device in hand as two strong crew members raised her into the air above the table. The judge quickly affixed the sensor to the tip of the man's excited penis which would send a remote signal to the control room the second he began ejaculating. Neither Joe nor I cast a glance sideways at the others, each of us transfixed on the beautiful couple directly in front of us as the crew guys lowered her vagina and the judge helped guide her partner's immense organ into her body, indicating for the crew to lock her harness onto the supports when her pussy had engulfed exactly half of his penis. I found my hand squeezing Joe's knee hard as the judge rushed out of the way and we could see her buns as smooth as polished onyx already working furiously in tandem with the muscles in her hole to stimulate her partner's cock. Joe's hand settled onto mine and only then was my trance broken and I extended my line of vision to include the other couples as well.

While studying our black couple who seemed so perfectly fitted I hadn't paid the slightest attention to the others - nine additional women equally impaled half way on their partners' penises - twenty rounded ass cheeks working as their vaginas clasped and clenched the cocks stuck up into them each seeking to bring her partner to his orgasm before the others. A tiny oriental woman with soft features grunted shamelessly as her wet, warm walls milked the huge penis embedded in her, so thick that her puffy labia were noticeably distended by its girth. Occasionally one or more of the men would raise his knees in a futile attempt to drive his excited cock deeper into his partner's juicy hole, but the pelvic restraints held securely allowing his penis only the maddening partial penetration that the event allowed.

Joe squeezed my hand and I turned to him. With a small movement of his head he gestured and I followed his line of sight to a couple farther to the left. The woman's ass cheeks were a literal blur, like the wings of a hummingbird, and how she could achieve that control was positively amazing to watch. Beside them was perched another woman with a penis inside her bottom that had to be at least as thick as my arm at the wrist and as I watched she was contracting each of her buns in turn to make the mouth of her vagina clasp the incredible cock buried up inside her from opposite directions.

As I watched a siren sounded and the rotating red light above the black couple came on. His orgasm had begun and a judge rushed in to pull the man's fat dick from his partner's pussy to confirm that he was ejaculating. The cameras zoomed in and the huge monitors took in the proceedings as the judge withdrew the shiny, wet cock from the soft warmth in which it had been nestled. As it slipped out of the woman's opening a huge gob of hot semen jetted out mightily and the crowd roared with applause as it arced and landed on the small of the woman's sweaty back. The judge let go of the man's organ and it remained upright with its pearly essence continuing to ooze from its black-purple head.

Slowly I tore my gaze away from the beautiful penis which had just cum in front of millions and saw the disappointed looks on the faces of the women who had lost as the crew members hoisted them from their partner's cocks and lowered them to the floor. Worse was watching the doctors approaching the losing men, still bound to their tables awaiting the payment of the price of losing. The men strained against their restraints to somehow prevent the inevitable from happening, but their efforts were in vain and the doctors injected the penises of the nine losers, as the losers of the Hold Out would be injected tomorrow, with the powerful chemical which would effect the consequences of their having lost.

Joe and I left the arena feeling more sorry for the losers than happy for the winning couple in their triumph over the others. "I don't know how they could do it." Joe said, "I couldn't in a million years no matter what the prize would be," quickly adding, "Unless the prize was you, of course," as he realized that five men would each take the same risk tomorrow, each in hopes of claiming my body as his prize. We ate a quick dinner in the hotel restaurant which I was barely able to pick at. I was full of nervous energy about the Hold Out. Sleep was fleeting that night and taken in small bursts between long periods of lying awake and thinking about the event.

We got to the arena early the next morning and I was ushered to the participant's staging area. The make-up crew went to work on me, doing my hair and adding highlights to my features to make them stand out on camera, even doing my areolas with a dark blush that almost made them look as they did when I was pregnant. About a half hour before the event was scheduled to begin Joe was asked to leave and with our parting kiss I was left alone to collect my thoughts about what was about to happen - undoubtedly the greatest pleasure I'd ever experienced after the agony of desire had been built in me to near insanity. I was ready.

I watched on video as the hype for the event began without me. My five contenders entered the playing field dressed in black robes and as the announcer introduced each one and gave his stats he dropped his robe to the floor and backed up against a brick wall which had been built seemingly overnight as had the bedroom a few feet away in which the winner and I would consummate our mutual lust and desperate need. The event crew used steel straps to fasten each man's arms, legs and waist to the cold wall. As the last man was bound to the wall each one's abstinence device was removed in turn as the cameras zoomed in on his cock briefly as the techs applied an orgasm sensor to the glans. His pleasuring device was moved into place between his legs and the technicians then worked his cock and balls into the front of it. The devices would, as explained by the announcer, simulate a woman's mouth working on each man's balls and his cock. The goal, of course, was for the men to watch me being pleasured and resist the urge to orgasm - to HOLD OUT to the end and be the one to fuck me. The other four would receive the dreaded injection that we witnessed the night before at the conclusion of The Maypole event.

I was taken to the door leading to the playing field where I laid back on a small table for a technician to remove my abstinence device. Clinically he removed it with a weird looking key, sliding the jelly dildo from my vagina and exposing my bare bottom to his gaze - the same bottom that millions would see in a few minutes. I was given a short pink robe with the Pleasure Games logo emblazoned across the back, the door opened and I was walking onto the playing field where I would experience my ultimate sexual destiny.

The announcer told the audience and the television viewers about me as I walked to the X taped on the floor that I'd been told to head for. I hoped my dad wasn't watching, but my brother told me that he wouldn't miss it for the world. I got to the X facing "my men" and slowly opened my robe as I'd been instructed, then slid it off my shoulders and to the floor for effect. The audience cheered wildly as I stood there nude before them, the monitors showing my bare breasts, bush and ass bigger than life. I then turned away from my participants as the lights went down and a spotlight followed the bringing onto the field the machine to which I would soon be subjected. The machine stopped mere inches from my nude body and two techs took my hands to guide me toward it.

Made by a German company and looking not unlike some medical testing equipment the machine was formidable and parts of it loomed over me as I laid back into it and my legs were lifted into the stirrups just as I glanced at one of the monitors to see my entire vulva being displayed. The part on which my back rested was half seat, half table, built so my entire bottom would extend beyond its edges and once my legs were affixed to the stirrups the whole thing rotated so that I was lying flat with my legs high and apart in the air. My arms were guided to the arm rests and secured and within seconds technicians began attaching sensors to my entire body - tiny things that would send remote signals to the machine as they registered changes in my body which would direct the computerized brain containing the data about my arousal levels to adjust its ministrations to me.

The audience hushed as the speaker announced that the game was ready to begin. The faceless voice boomed, "Are you ready, Marie?" As instructed, I boldly shouted, "Do me!" and the machine came to life under and around me. Small doors opened on the sides of the machine as two cup shaped devices came out, guided by robotic arms to settle gently over each of my breasts. Simultaneously something arose from the bottom of the machine to gently separate my buns as something else squirmed and tickled its way up my crack.

The announcer was telling the audience that the men's pleasuring devices would now begin to stimulate their balls to give them the same sensations they would feel if three women were licking and sucking on their jewels, and small cameras built in the men's machines provided the inside view to show each one's balls being worked. The men would be forced to watch me. If any of them closed his eyes for longer than three seconds, his machine would automatically give him the sensation that his penis was being sucked vigorously for ten full seconds, practically ensuring his defeat.

The cuplike things came to life on my breasts, starting to massage them gently all over like the strong, but soft hands of a lover as the thing between my legs started stroking my exposed asshole and backward along the cleft sending shivers up my spine. I both loved and dreaded each time it returned to the center of my anus where it would flick against me like a tongue possessed for a few seconds before brushing back between my buns. The breast device increased its intensity to feel like an urgent lover squeezing and kneading my soft flesh firmly.

The cups withdrew as other robotic arms came at my tits with soft pincers that clasped each of my nipples with sufficient pressure to hold them without hurting me. They started tweaking my engorged nipples, pulling them gently in all directions and upward, and a small bud of a thing between the machine's fingers started tickling the very centers as other small protrusions extended to caress my puckered areolas. The thing between my legs gently wormed its way softly into my anus. Once up in me the tip expanded to fill my rectum snugly and small things built onto it began to stroke my ass from the inside. In addition it alternated being warm and cold, providing even more delicious sensations up inside my body.

I could feel my labia becoming thick and swollen as they always do when I'm aroused and a glance at a well placed monitor confirmed that my vagina was beginning to weep the milky white fluid forming like dew along its soft, warm walls. I heard the first of many long moans escape from my lips as the thing inside my ass began sliding back and forth even as it continued to stimulate me on the inside with the things that were stroking me in there. The audience cheered wildly when they heard me moan and in one of the galleries five bare chested guys each with a beer in hand began chanting, "Marie! Marie!" Each of them had one letter of my name painted onto his chest so that when they stood side by side their bare pecs spelled out my name.

The things that had been working my nipples slipped a miniature rubber ring around each of my hard points then retracted as immediately another set of robotic arms moved in toward my tits. On the business end of each was a clear plastic/rubber cup not unlike the collection cup on a breast pump but much larger and as I watched the pair settled over my stiff nipples and areolas. No sooner had they gotten perfectly into place when I felt a pressure from the inside pulling hard on my nips. Simultaneously a robotic arm moved in the direction of my bottom but as it moved into place I was distracted by as a red beacon over the heads of one of my guys began to strobe indicating that he'd closed his eyes for longer than three seconds and was about to experience ten seconds of intense sucking sensations on his hard penis. The monitors all over the arena showed the view from the inside of his pleasuring device with a split screen to show his face at the same time. The long rubbery, open-ended tube into which his penis had been inserted began to squirm and writhe as a large LED countdown timer started counting its way down from 10 with the crowd in the stands shouting the count right along with it. For six seconds that seemed like an eternity they chanted but with four seconds to go their cheer became a resounding, "BOO," as a loud klaxon sounded and on the monitor all could see the poor guy's semen erupting powerfully from the end of the tube. Mercifully, at least, the machine continued to pulse, allowing him a full, hard cum which would be his last for exactly one year. His orgasm complete, the crew moved into place to remove the pleasuring device even as a doctor stood by with the hypodermic in hand to deliver the chemical that would render his penis utterly and completely devoid of all sensation until injected with another chemical exactly 365 days later which would counteract the anesthetic. His cock injected, the pathetic guy was forced to remain shackled to the wall until the end of the event.

The pressure inside the cups that were sucking on my breasts were distending my nipples and areolas, puffing them up to twice their normal size and still going. Each of my nipples now resembled a medium sized strawberry and the sensations of them swelling with the rubber rings clamped around them were intense. The arm which had been approaching my bottom had finger like extensions of soft rubber which settled into place at my cleft and parted my labia wide open as something slid into my vagina. As the thing which had entered me began to expand a glance at a monitor revealed it to be a speculum and as it opened me up a miniature robotic camera swung into place. When the speculum had opened to its fullest the small red light on the camera lighted and there on the monitors was my pink cervix. The crowd went wild as the camera slowly descended into my hole treating the millions who were watching to a cock's eye view of the entire length of my cunt. Stopping just short of my cervix the camera then began to withdraw as slowly as it had entered, its electronic eye showing my inner folds to be sweating with tiny droplets of moisture - the same moisture that would eventually coat and cling to the cock that would claim me as its prize.

A second man, apparently so intoxicated at the sight of my sopping pussy walls had closed his eyes. The red light above his head began to strobe and instantly the camera froze in my hole as the monitors switched immediately to the inside of his pleasuring device with the split screen to show his face. For ten long seconds the crowd shouted the count of the timer as the tube around the man's cock whirred into life to stimulate his penis directly. The rictus of his facial muscles as he strained not to ejaculate made him appear to be in agony. As the crowd shouted, "ONE!" the timer dropped to zero and the machine that had been working him so vigorously stopped as suddenly as it had started and released his throbbing penis. Just when it seemed that he'd endured the stimulation to the end his cock began to shoot out his hot semen like a fire hose and the klaxon sounded his defeat. The roar of the crowd diminished to nearly a hush as the poor man writhed about in orgasm with his penis spraying thick ropes of cum a few feet in front of him. Unlike the first man who had begun ejaculating while still in the machine's grip this unfortunate soul spent his entire climax with no continued stimulation of his cock to finish him off. A final drop of thick semen oozed from his tip and as the doctor approached with the dreaded needle the crowd turned its attention back to me.

My nipples were now swollen beyond belief, both they and my areolas standing out larger than I'd have thought possible and girls with naturally puffy nipples would have looked like they had pancake tits by comparison. I felt the pressure in the cups that were inflating them begin to decrease and when the pressure was back to normal the cups withdrew from my bare breasts. My tits remained swollen, each of my nipples the size of a large cherry tomato, and now as they were once again subjected to normal air pressure they began to ache and throb, but in an indescribably pleasurable way, almost as if they were being sucked by a lover's lips from the inside. As the tweaking arms moved back into place and began to rub and pull on my bloated nipples I moaned shamelessly and once again the crowd cheered its approval.

The speculum closed inside my pussy and retracted as another mechanical arm approached my bottom bearing a metal ball slightly smaller than a tennis ball on a slender shaft. The thing in my ass which had been stroking the walls of my insides deflated and slid out of my tight ring as the ball slowly approached and aligned itself perfectly at my vaginal opening. The pressure was tremendous - a mix of both pain and pleasure - as it urged itself forward stretching the loose flesh of my vulva inward as it pressed to enter my vagina. Tears welled in the corners of my eyes as my cunt strained to take in the girth of the ball, then suddenly it slipped into me past the full width of its circumference and my hole closed around it. I felt my relieved opening contract around its shaft when the red beacon above another of my men began to strobe.

Like the others before him the visual stimulation had been too much and he'd closed his eyes beyond the allowed time limit as he watched the ball penetrating me. As they'd done with the others the crowd shouted the countdown as we watched both his cock and his face while the intense stimulation was delivered mechanically to his thick penis. With two seconds to go the mighty warrior fell despite his best efforts to prevent his ejaculation and his cock gushed. It was over for him. Two contenders remained one of whom would deliver to me the ultimate orgasmic coup de grace.

The metal ball in my cunt wormed its way about halfway into the length of my canal and stopped. Another robotic arm delivered a small metal plate into place above my vulva. I began to feel a delicious tingle as the ball and plate were energized to create a line of flux between them causing my tissues to vibrate sympathetically to the frequency. It was as if my entire vulva and vagina had become a living vibrator and I could feel my toes curling involuntarily from the deep rooted sensations of pleasure.

A small moan came from between my closed lips and the frequency was increased between the two pieces of metal. All the while the finger like probes worked my swollen and tender nipples, pulling, prodding, twisting, tweaking and ripples of intense pleasure shot regularly between each of them to the center of my sexuality down below. The muscles of my belly contracted regularly and my ass cheeks stiffened in anticipation of the orgasm that was welling up inside me, but the small pads attached to various places on my bare body fed their data into the computer which controlled the entire array of devices that caused me to feel pleasure and it would slow the ministrations to keep the sensations as close to the threshold of climax possible without allowing me to cum.

The frequency increased yet again and I could feel my body straining against its restraints. The monitors showed my face to the crowd as the sensations deep inside me brought me to the brink of orgasm and then subsided only slightly until my body relaxed. The rictus of agony on my own face from being deprived of the climax that every nerve ending in my body seemed to crave was the same that we had seen on the three men who had already ejaculated. The crowd's excitement grew with the realization of what was happening to me - that this nude woman before their hungry gaze craved climax as much as she craved the air that she breathed. Suddenly the frequency between the ball and the plate pulsed to an intense setting and my body jolted as indescribable instant pleasure shot through my clitoris as if I'd been hit with a live current. In an instant my toes curled, my belly stiffened and my ass cheeks clenched tight. For the few seconds that the computer allowed I experienced the sensation of being as close to orgasm that a human could possibly achieve without crossing over into actual climax and then the sensations were instantly taken away from me.

I heard a feral, "Cuuuummmmmmmmmm," escaping my lips without consciously being aware that I had moaned it. A few breaths later and once again my body contracted as the pleasure was returned. Tears rolled from the corners of my eyes, so intense were the sensations ripping through my swollen sex flesh and so peaked was my desire to climax. When the pleasure stopped once again short of my orgasm I loudly cried, "Nooooooooooo!" My naked body writhed as much as it could within the restraints as I whimpered, drawing loud deep breaths awaiting the next shock of pleasure. A slender metallic dildo quickly penetrated my asshole and slid up my backside as the rubber fingerlike things retracted from my nipples and small metal appendages took their place. The next spasm of pleasure would shoot through my nipples, both my holes, my entire vulva and my clitoris! I screamed as if I were being flayed as the machine came to life. My body went hard as every muscle in me stiffened. I was held at the very edge of climax for what seemed an eternity. I was sobbing out of control now and the sounds coming from my throat were like those of a wild animal. My raw nerve endings all seemed to be throbbing in unison and I could feel my cunt contracting around the metal ball embedded inside me. This was it! I knew there was no way that the computer could shut down the sensations quickly enough this time to prevent me from orgasming. I was going to explode in absolute ecstasy! Before I could realize what was happening the sensations stopped and small jets all around me sprayed me with an icy cold mist of water that instantly killed the sensations of my ultimate release. As my body went completely slack the beacon above one of the two men remaining began to strobe.

As his pleasuring device began to deliver the ten seconds of intense stimulation to his cock my machine once again came to life, but not with the previous intensity - just enough to make me recover from the sudden shock of being sprayed with ice water and to start me again on the painfully slow climb toward climax. He didn't last five seconds when his cock started pumping out his semen in mighty blasts and he was loud enough for me to hear his anguished cry over the roar of the crowd and the klaxon.

As he was being injected with the chemical that would render his cock totally devoid of all pleasurable sensations for one year the winner was released from his shackles and guided to stand between my open legs to witness the final assault of the machine on my body as it prepared me for the bliss that only his cock would deliver. He stood there, an Adonis of a man with his cock standing so hard that it almost touched his belly. His warm eyes locked onto mine as the machine went wild and my body spasmed. I tried to return his gaze and managed for a few seconds before my eyes shut tight and the sensations of indescribable pleasure coursed from my nipples to my clit, to the depths of my vagina and my ass. I was screaming uncontrollably and crying huge tears of frustration as my body pulsed and strained to cum. More times than I could count it brought me quickly to the edge of climax and paused just long enough for the feeling to pass before bringing me to the brink again until the electrodes that monitored my brainwaves indicated that I couldn't physically or mentally take it any more.

I began to hallucinate as my body squirmed and writhed against the restraints. Various scenes from the many porn movies that I'd seen through the years came before me, but in them I was the one sucking and fucking the cum from the beautiful virile cocks of the famous porn stars. I was transported in distorted thought to when I was 18 and giving my juicy cunt to the married man who took my virginity, once again feeling his steel hard cock pounding me furiously to make me cum before he did. An instant later, there I was on the bed of my dorm room riding the thick cock of my first college lover and just as quickly at a campground fucking my husband doggie style as people walked by just inches away from the open tent flap. I needed to cum more than I had ever wanted or needed anything in my entire life and almost blacked out when a gentle electronic chime sounded and the robotic arms retracted from my body. The dildo slipped out from my asshole and even as the ball withdrew from my vagina my pussy muscles clasped against it for release. The restraints were released and my lover approached the table to guide me to my feet and into the bedroom that had been prepared for this moment.

My body completely primed, without shame I jumped onto the soft bed oblivious to the various cameras that would deliver our rutting to the crowd and spread my legs wide to receive my lover. He paused for a moment to rub a dollop of creme on his cock - a slight desensitizing agent that would hold him back from cumming too fast, then in an equally eager bound he got onto the bed and crawled between my thighs, lowering his mouth to mine. With a furious passion our mouths joined and the sensations of his tongue caressing mine were a prelude of his hard cock caressing my cunt deep inside where my aching need awaited him. His hand slid up my belly to my bloated nipple still swollen by the ring that encircled it and his fingertips were like jolts of electric pleasure as he rubbed it.

My hand searched out his hard cock and drew his glans to my opening, urging him to penetrate me, but he resisted for the moment as his mouth moved to my other nipple and took it into its warmth. His tongue rolled around the distended tip and my need caused me to hump my pussy up against the tip of his cock to draw it in, but he was fast and back away before my hungry cunt could engulf him. My nipple slipped from between his lips with a small wet pop and he came up again to kiss me. In tandem with his tongue slipping into my mouth his cock began to enter me.

With a patience that drove me crazy he glided his big, thick cock through my puffy labia, feeding me a little of it then drawing it back completely out only to return and burrow a bit deeper into me. The thrusts of my own bottom were futile as every time I urged my hips upward to try to get more of him inside me, with the reflexes of a cat he backed off. This drove the crowd wild with glee each time to see him anticipating the bucking of my hips and pulling his cock out faster than I could try to impale him. It seemed like hours before I felt his heavy balls dangling against my asshole and even then he'd not worked the entire length of his cock into me.

Sliding out completely he raised himself up on his knees and with his hands on my hips he slid my bottom closer to him. His cock, shiny with my juices stood as tall as ever as he raised my legs high and placed them over his shoulders. He reached down quickly to poise his lance at my hole and I gasped as in one fast thrust of his hips his full cock was buried inside me with his big, rubbery glans poking with a firm pressure against the mouth of my womb. He held his full length inside me for just a little while and my super sensitive walls could feel his cock pulsing as he contracted his muscles as if testing the limits of my hot vagina. Then he began the dance of lust in earnest.

Slowly and deliberately he pulled back, drawing his full cock down my passage until just his glans was still in me and then firmly he slid back in balls deep. I glanced at the monitor on the wall nearby and could see the view of the camera at the foot of the bed, watching transfixed as every time he glided backward my labia clung to the meat of his swollen penis only to be pushed inward with each of his thrusts. My heat built as methodically he fucked me, firmly but slowly with my labia tugging at my excited clit with each movement he made. The desire to which the machine had raised me was coming back with a fury.

He sensed the changes in my body, in my pussy itself, as my level of arousal climbed. Once more he buried his cock all the way in and held it there as if to say, "This is it!" as he lowered my legs from his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss me. No sooner did our lips meet and his tongue slid into my mouth than he began fucking me for all he was worth. His ass moved like a well oiled machine driving his cock all the way in me and then almost fully out so fast that his hips must have been a blur of motion. The crowd was going crazy chanting, "Cum! Cum!" again and again. My pussy began clenching against his thick dick as my toes curled then uncurled repeatedly as the sounds of our wet union and his heavy balls slapping against my ass were amplified throughout the arena. My belly muscles began to quiver and I felt my ass cheeks tense into hard round balls as my body prepared for me to climax.

A long moan that seemed to be coming from my toes came from between our mouths as my lover finished our kiss and then moved his face back so I could breathe deeply. Another moan, more urgent, escaped from deep inside my gut. My legs shot straight out into the air alongside my lover's hips as his cock began to hammer my cunt even more furiously. It was with a half scream, half groan that my body erupted in pleasure. My pussy squeezed his dick hard as it plowed me and I came in waves of maddening climax, each jolt of my orgasm harder than the one before. Each tingle began in my bottom and traveled like an electric current shooting between my clit and my bloated nipples. I writhed, I spasmed and bucked under the cock that drilled me and he didn't miss a beat hammering into me equally well at any angle in which my bottom rolled.

One orgasm followed quickly on the heels of the one before as if my body would never be satiated, one climax barely slowing into gentler tingles before the next exploded into intense waves of indescribable pleasure. The fat cock slamming me into the mattress never wavered in its ministration to my need and my lover's body was covered with a patina of sweat. A sharp intake of breath signaled that his climax wasn't far off. I squeezed my pussy walls against his cock as tightly as I could and a second later his head shot upward and what sounded like the howl of a wolf came from his throat. The furious motions of his hips slowed and each of his motions became more urgent as if he were trying to force all of himself into my warm cunt with every thrust. With another animalistic shriek he hammered himself home as his scalding semen began gushing all over the dimple at the center of my cervix.

So tightly was my pussy clasping his dick that I could literally feel it throb each time he gushed even more of his warm goo into me and by the time he slowed as if ready to collapse I once again rode the top of a wave and climaxed around his still hard, tingling cock. Only when we had both stopped shuddering with smaller spasms of pleasure did he kiss me once more and slide his penis from between my sticky labia which were coated with the white cream that had been churned from our mingled juices. He helped me to my feet and we walked hand in hand through the doorway of the makeshift bedroom back into the arena proper to a standing ovation and the grinning face of my husband in the front row.

Back in the dressing room area my lover and I still both fully nude exchanged a final deep kiss as his strong hand crept behind and pulled my belly toward his hip. The four losers filed past us wordlessly having been loosed from their restraints only after our now famous coupling was complete. I could feel my lover's cum oozing from my hole and my whole bottom still tingled as he held me close and chuckled, "I'm Tony, by the way."

I closed my hand around his soft cock and cooed, "Hi, Tony. It's nice to meet you!"

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mia said...

That is a great story, Joe. I've never read anything quite like it before. Easy to read, and I was engaged the whole time and couldn't stop until the end. I like your writing style.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Damn, Joe! Somebody hose me off!

Who does your printing, the "One-Handed Publishing Company."?

Now I have to say that between the girls, we have quite an extensive toy box, but there are none quite like some of the ones you've described.

(Pssst... where'd ya get them?) lol