Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun Today!

It's going to be a busy day, but it should be a most enjoyable one. Mike should be here in about 3 hours for us to begin our day of hanging out till we meet Dee for supper and then head to the motel where Mack will meet us. Our first and only time with Mack so far was at the end of last September. Dee's pains started increasing in October which limited her ability to play with more than one guy (and me) at the same time so we had to keep declining when Mack would ask about the possibility of joining us again. She's still not feeling great, but she's willing to give it the old college try to pleasure all three of us this evening.

It's been a while since I've had somebody to suck while we watch Dee with the other guy and I'm looking forward to doing that with at least one of the guys today - maybe both at different times. And if Mike and I have a chance to check into the motel early, I hope to tease him orally for as long as he can stand being held at the edge without cumming. I want him to save that cum for Dee's pussy.

I need to hit the shower and get some odds and ends done here before Mike arrives so I'll leave you with a few pictures from Mack's first time with us.

I enjoy a good undressing as much as the next hot wife husband
and very much liked watching the way Mack took off Dee's clothes
slowly as he kissed her with increasing passion.

The "sweetness" of a lover can be gauged in a number of ways but one
of the sweetest things a guy can do when he's in Dee is to hold her
hands while he pumps away in her pussy.

When Dee strums her lover's balls like this, she's often urging him verbally
to cum, to "empty your balls in me," as she often puts it. It delights me
that the quality of her partner's orgasm is important to her. It's going
to be a lot of fun watching her take Mack to the pinnacle of ecstasy again.

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1 comment:

Fat Controller said...

I so agree about the 'hoding hands' thing. That is such a lovely picture.