Friday, July 06, 2007

What a Great Day!

It was a great day yesterday!

Mike arrived right on time and after showing him the paint job we'd done in the bathroom and suggesting that he freshen up I urged him to slip down his pants and get comfortable on the couch. I was ravenous for some quality guy time, but took my time to tease him for a while with soft licks and nibbles on his cock and balls before taking him into my mouth. I guess I was a bit mean in insisting that he save his cum for Dee because I gave him a good work-out. At one point he was holding my head and thrusting the head of his cock deep into the back of my throat. I thought he was going to cum, and although I'd have encouraged him to do so if we didn't have a date with my wife later I admonished him to slow down so he could spray it all into her later. I slowed to more licks and nibbles and when I said I thought it was enough for now Mike said the coolest thing I think I've ever heard when sucking a guy: "Just a little more. Please!" I slipped my lips around my friend's cock again and stayed on my knees for perhaps ten minutes more. It's not that I was tired of sucking his dick; I could have done that all day. I just wanted him to save up that load for Dee's pussy. Besides, I was having a blast, especially when I'd lick under his balls with a firm pressure and his cock would jump in response. Before we headed out I went to the bathroom and discovered that I'd oozed a hell of a lot of precum into the fabric of my boxers. I always leak the stuff when I'm sucking cock because it's such a turn-on.

Mike and I took in some of the local sights, mostly driving around and bullshitting all day. Though we'd have six hours to kill together before joining Dee for supper, they passed like minutes. I had hoped that we'd check into the motel with time to spare so I could have more of Mike's delicious cock, but the time slipped away.

On the way to the motel after we ate I called Mack and got his voice mail. That's never a good sign, but it was earlier than we'd thought we might get to the room and I figured that he was still at work. I left him the room number and we headed over. Dee and Mike slowed their foreplay as we waited for Mack either to call or knock on the door, but after a half hour had passed they started fingering and licking each other's fun parts in earnest while I placed another call only to get Mack's voice mail again.

As they slowly teased each other during their extended foreplay Dee slid
her panties down over her hips and before she even had them off Mike's
finger was getting a taste of what his cock would feel in a little while - the
warm, wet, snug walls of Dee's aroused pussy clinging to him.

Mack never showed up nor called. He was with us in the past so I doubt it was a case of cold feet. After the two voice mails, I texted him with, "Sorry you missed us," as we were leaving the room. I hope to hear from him with a reasonable explanation soon or he'll end up on our shit list.

It was probably a good thing that he never arrived, though, because as it turned out it was a bad pain day for Dee.

One of the highlights of the evening... Mike was going down on Dee and kept getting her to the edge without taking her over it into full blown climax. It was cool as I laid next to her with my lips to hers and my hands working her tits to feel her tense up and hold her breath but then slide back down for another build-up over and over again. Finally Dee whispered to me, "Tell him to suck my clit like you do!" I instructed Mike on my technique which he applied perfectly and in under a minute Dee was a puddle of cumming woman flesh writhing and squirming in ecstasy with her tongue in my mouth and a small moan coming through her nose with each spasm of what appeared to be an amazing orgasm. I love it when she cums like that. It's really what our wife sharing is all about - those incredible climaxes of hers!

Appreciating the rock hard firmness of Mike's cock which he's
ready to slip up into my wife's eager and welcoming pussy.

Another stellar moment or five... Mike was in Dee missionary style and as I often do I sat beside them on the bed so I could knead Mike's balls while he's fucking her. I slipped a few fingertips around his nuts so I could feel the taut skin at the bottom of Dee's hole where he was piercing her. As he moved in and out of her, Mike's cock was gliding over my fingers and I could feel my wife's generous pussy cream all over his shaft. (She lubes so beautifully when she's aroused!) I could tell by Mike's breathing that his orgasm was approaching. When his body tightened and he plunged his cock deep into Dee's hole I knew that he was gushing his pleasure into her, and a second or two later I could feel his hot cum leaking from her opening. After his first spray he again began working his cock in and out of her. Now, though, when his dick glided over my fingers I rubbed his underside with quick motions of my fingertips. A number of times I did this, and each time with a groan Mike would thrust himself balls deep back into Dee to release another blast of cum. When he was finished and laid beside her spent, I gently parted Dee's legs to lick her sloppy vulva. Though I didn't get Mike's cum in the morning, there was plenty for me all over my wife's sweet cunt.

When Mike was finished filling Dee with his thick cum I paused
to snap this shot before cleaning up her cleft with my tongue.

I don't know what Mack might have to say, but I know what he missed!

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mia said...

Yet another beautiful description. I so want what you two have with Mike.

deeslittlemike said...

Yes Joe it was a wonderful day! Everything from seeing the local sights, your blow jobs to making Dee cum like I did.

Thanks for a wonderful day! We did lots of my favorite things. My very favorite is to cuddle with Dee as you enjoy Little Mike. Either that or eating Dee while you cuddle with her. I guess that is a toss up. LOL

Can't wait to see you both again very soon!