Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Jump in the Lake

"He laid me on my back and positioned my legs around his back. He slowly put the head of his cock to my opening and asked me to relax. When he felt my pussy begin to accept him, he pushed in a little farther. I swear it was millimeters at a time! After what seemed like forever, he was buried within me."
(From Dee's account of the loss of her virginity)

I never wanted to go back in time far enough to have established a relationship with Dee sufficient for me to have been the man to whom she would give the gift of her virginity. I've only wanted to go back far enough to watch her with the man to whom she gave that most precious gift. To watch him kiss her, touch her, go down on her. To watch her return his kisses with increasing passion, to see her touch and lick his cock. Ultimately, to watch her wrap her legs around his back. To see him put his glans to the vestibule of her vagina. To watch his cock enter her until his balls were pressed flat against her puffy labia and smooth ass cheeks. To see and know the moment when his hard cock would begin to gush into Dee, though encased in a condom.

Thinking about that night has been an on and off obsession of mine for nearly 25 years. I don't know why, but I do know that sharing Dee with her lovers allows me in a sense to live that moment in time as I might have if I could have been there to witness her defloration.

Dee was working over a Yahoo map this morning while chatting with Mike and showing him where it is that we'll be going tomorrow on a trip to near where she grew up. When she pointed out one particular lake I felt that little bit of a pounding in my heart that I always get whenever she refers to something that makes me think of her times with that first lover of hers. She'd told me that most of the screwing she did with him was in the camper portion of his truck, on and around the back roads of that particular lake.

A glimpse of the girlish Dee
within the shape of that lake.

I'd like to have watched her there too, pleasuring his big cock as often as they could manage to steal some time together.

I wonder if he was ever really conscious of how lucky he was as a married man in middle age to be enjoying on a regular basis the sexual delights of an 18 year old girl?

And I wonder if Dee realizes that, from the bits and pieces of all that she's told me through the years about her sex with him, she seemed to have been as delighted to welcome his cock up inside her as he was to put it there?

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