Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still Trying to Say Things

As I sit here this morning anticipating our date with Mike later I'm already feeling some of the rich and wonderfully warm emotions that I feel when Dee and I and he all have our clothes off and each of us is as much into being a source or conduit of pleasure as we are into being the recipient. Mike isn't somebody we've been seeing regularly for years because he's willing to make the trip, but because of who he is and who he's become to us.

This sucks! I'm feeling so much emotion right now and I can't truly put any of it into words.

There are lots of variations on "love" in life - the love shared by members of immediate families, the love for close friends, the love for altruistic folks who make positive differences in our lives, just to name a few. There aren't many guys who will likely ever feel the kind of love I do for the two men who make love with my wife regularly. It's a confusing emotion, really, because it's much deeper than anything I thought I might ever feel toward another man on an emotional level, and it's compounded by the fact that I suck their cocks with as much passion and feeling as Dee does.

On a day like today I so easily get caught up in my feelings as the minutes tick by and I wait for the time to come for the motel room door to close and for our special time with Mike to begin. There is nothing in the whole world that I'd rather do tonight than be naked with Dee and Mike - to watch them make love together, to minister at times to their pleasures, and to be tended to by them in return. It has become as natural to me to share Dee with Mike as it is to make love with her myself. I love seeing how good she makes him feel and how he returns that feeling to her, as much in laughing and talking together as when the tip of his cock is kissing her cervix and she's kneading his balls with her fingers and urging him to fill her with his warm cream.

I guess I'll end this here and post it because my only other option is to delete it all and start again from the top in trying to make you understand what I feel in my heart. I know, though, that no explanation will ever be adequate, so I'll just keep trying day after day to make sense of it all to those of you who sort of know what I'm trying to express and who keep coming back to see if I've made any real progress.

In part my love of photographing the tender moments between Dee and
her lovers comes from the inadequacy of words to contain what I'm seeing
not with my eyes, but in my heart. I keep hoping that maybe you can see
in a picture some of the feeling that I can't otherwise express.

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Perry Neeham said...

I know what you mean. I can only really enjoy sex if I like the personality of whoever I'm fucking as well as his or her physical attributes.

deeslittlemike said...

Wow Joe what can I say but thank you. You and Dee mean a lot to me as well. More then I also can express in words.

Thanks for a wonderful evening. It was erotic, emotional and fun just like all the ones we have shared in the past.

I love you and Dee as well. Thank you for sharing your lives with me these past three and half years.


The Silent Male said...

You may feel like words couldn't describe this, but I think they did.

Cheri said...

Sometimes connections cannot be explained with words because they are so deep and unique. However, you actually did a great job describing how you have a wonderful way with words. Thanks for sharing with us all!

mia said...

I agree with the above commentor....I completely understand what you are trying to say. Simply beautiful.