Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bi Bi Birdie

I've gotten into an awful habit of putting meaty mails aside, intending to answer them at length when I have the time, and then deleting them without replies after months have gone by and I've become too ashamed to write back without a dandy excuse for sitting on them for so long. My intentions are always so good, but the longer I let the replies slide the heavier their weight becomes until I see them as obligatory rather than fun, and anybody who really knows me knows that there comes a point when if it's not fun, I'm not going to do it. My humblest apologies if you're one of those good folks who wrote a substantial letter to which I never wrote back. There's nothing I can say except, "I'm sorry."

I got another such mail yesterday in which the writer asks some questions. (The mails with lots of questions or with deep questions are the ones with which I often dawdle.) They're good questions and worthy of being answered, and the mail is the kind that I'd typically relegate to "some other time," so I'm going to answer it right here as best I can and then I won't have to feel bad about shit canning yet another decent mail.

"I was wondering if you could write a post on how either Dee encouraged you to experiment with other males or how you told her you were interested in trying. I think it could be interesting to hear how she first responded to you telling her you wanted to give a blow job and her reaction to you doing it for the first time. Did she want to see you do it? Was she excited to see you try right away or was it something you had to encourage?"

I had been bi-curious for a number of years before the opportunity to share Dee with another man ever arose. For some years I was into exchanging hot and heavy e-mails with guys many of whom posted pics of their cocks online and invited comments. My desire to suck dick waxed and waned. There were times when I felt like trying to find an adult bookstore with glory holes so I could just take a cock into my mouth, and there were other times when I was totally disgusted with myself for even thinking of such things. I'd been somewhat of a homophobe all my life, yet here I was on occasion with a pulsing hard-on, nearly shaking with the desire to pleasure another man orally. This was all happening when Dee still hated sex, so I certainly wasn't sharing any of these queer thoughts from left field with her. Thinking about giving blow jobs was my own dark and dirty secret except for the guys online with whom I corresponded, one in particular whom I consider a great friend though we've yet to meet in person because he lives clear across the country.

The evening of Dee's first extramarital experience I watched her sucking on Don's long cock and I was nearly trembling with the desire to take it from her and suck it myself, especially when I moved my face close enough to feel Dee's breath streaming through her nose. Don's big, bare balls were right there too, just inches from my tongue, and I wanted to lick them just as much as I wanted to devour his dick. We were making enough history for one night, though. I wasn't about to blow it (Pun intended if you'd like it to be.) by asking my wife if I could suck her new lover's cock right along with her, especially when I'd never so much as hinted to her that it was something I'd often thought about doing.

That same evening when Dee swung her leg over Don and got into position to impale herself on his spectacular looking woody I asked both of them if it would be okay if I were to guide his dick into her. More than wanting to touch his cock for the sake of touching it myself, I wanted to ceremoniously "give" that new cock to my wife. When I took Don into my hand to steer the tip of his glans to Dee's wet opening and felt how hard he was in anticipation of entering my wife's warm pussy, more than ever I wanted to feel that hard flesh between my lips and on my tongue. By the time we were ready to call it a night I was nearly obsessing with the desire to suck Don's cock, but I wasn't going to make waves of that sort on what had already been the most remarkable evening that Dee and I had ever shared.

So I waited till we were in the car on the way home. Never mind that my head was still spinning from having just fulfilled the biggest sexual fantasy of my entire married life in watching Dee fuck Don as if her very life depended on the huge orgasms she experienced. We knew there would be a next time without even saying so and I matter of factly told Dee that when she was sucking Don's cock I found the scene so damned hot that I caught myself wishing I could have done it too. Without batting an eye she told me to ask Don if he'd be okay with it. When I did in a mail later that same evening, his reply to us was that he was open to anything pleasurable.

The next time we were with him on a bed, I sucked Don's cock. I sucked it and licked him all over and under his balls like there was no tomorrow. I was sucking cock and I loved it! I loved it as much as licking a woman. Dee and I alternated between sucking Don's cock and lapping at his balls and it was just as amazing to be giving him head with my wife as it was to have him fucking her bareback and cumming inside her. I could go on and on in trying to describe what I felt with that dick in my mouth without coming close to doing it justice. Ultimately sex is about life - about bringing new life into being, and for most of my adult life I had well acquainted myself with tending to the gentler sex's life bearing and nourishing parts. Now though, with my face full of cock and my tongue caressing a man's balls, I was touching the other side of that breathtaking power - the raw virility of the male part of the life giving equation. It was as if every last limiting wall in my life had come tumbling down. Taking that big dick into my mouth might be the single most liberating thing I've ever done.

Dee and I met at times to kiss each other along Don's shaft, sometimes wrapping our lips around his cock to reach each other, and at other times flicking our tongues against each other and Don's stiff cock at the same time. Dee was smiling broadly the whole while, both in watching me devouring her lover's dick and in giving her own generous oral attentions to it. I was happy, she was happy, and Don appeared to be in heaven with two hungry mouths all over his cock and balls.

Again it wasn't until we were on the way home that Dee and I could discuss all that had happened candidly and privately. I was extremely expressive of my thanks to her for allowing me the "craziness" of sucking another man's cock and she was graciously welcoming me to do it as often as I'd like, with or without her. Dee's enjoyment in watching me doing it wasn't in her becoming aroused nor excited sexually; she was more than sufficiently aroused just to be making love with her new lover once again. Her pleasure in watching me going at it so voraciously was cerebral. She was happy because she knew I was on another plane of pleasure myself to be doing what I was doing. Yes, she enjoyed it, and she still does, but not like a guy when he's watching two women go down on each other - more like a mom watching her kids having fun at a playground.

Dee often encourages me to suck her lovers' cocks when she needs a break or when she knows that he needs a more vigorous work-out to get it up so he can fuck her for a second or third time. Often she'll look down at me doing it and in an amused tone she'll comment on how good I seem to be at it. Admittedly, it's very arousing to me when I'm sucking a man to get him ready to pleasure my wife and likewise to clean off his cummy cock with my mouth after he's just cum in her pussy.

I met with a guy alone last year for the distinct purpose of sucking him to orgasm and swallowing his semen. Dee called me just as I was about to check into the motel not having known that I'd be out sucking cock that day. I hadn't known myself till about an hour before when I finalized the plans with Dave. It was my first time of having a guy climax in my mouth and it was an absolute joy. My sucking dick has become as much a part of our date nights as everything else when we meet with a guy who's amenable to having another guy nosh on his cock. I've had the pleasure of sucking 15 delicious dicks over the course of the past five years and I'm not sure what that makes me in terms of what label I should wear. I don't really care about having a single word to sum me up, though. Giving head completes something in me that I'd never known I was lacking. It's fulfilling, satisfying, and strangely, very relaxing. As long as my wife keeps smiling when she's watching me do it, I'm gonna keep on suckin'!

The length of this entry is why I shuffle mails that deserve thorough replies around and hesitate to answer them expediently. It's a whole lot of soul searching and word hunting that I have to do in order to write what's essentially an explanation of something I never had to put into words before - or have put into words so many times in the past that I dread typing it all over again. An entry of this length and depth takes hours to compose because I strive to make it as meaningful as I can, and often I delete from the drafts more than twice as much as I actually publish. Perhaps I'll answer more of my juicier mails right here at the blog rather than to throw them away in being too lazy to key so much for a single individual.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am thinking I should put a warning label on your blog. I read this during my lunch break from work, and then had to hide the hardon most of the afternoon. Hot stuff going on here.

MikeCindynJoe said...

"... habit of putting MEATY mails aside, intending to answer them AT LENGTH when I have the time..."

Wow... on this subject, your Freudian slip was showing.

Great post.