Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tonight's the Night - Again!

My favorite day of the week is upon us once again! Tonight will be Dee and Don's 142nd time together and Dee's 227th adventure in extramarital pleasure. In two weeks we'll celebrate the 5th anniversary of Dee's first time of making love outside our marriage. It was with Don. My gut told me that he would be the perfect choice to be her first extramarital lover, and before their clothes were even completely off that first night I knew I'd been right just by the way Dee looked at him with her wanton desire so blatantly obvious on her face and in her body language.

One of my favorite pictures of all time is the uncropped version of this shot from that first time...

Dee had just stripped out of her panties and climbed atop Don's nude form, just as you see her here. She was nearly melting with emotion and trembling with her sexual want. For so many years she thought I told her that she was beautiful out of a sense of duty as her husband. When she saw and felt Don's desire for her as they touched and kissed, I think she felt more beautiful and alive than she had, maybe ever before.

Don and Dee still look at each other that way even after making love about every two weeks over the course of these past five years. If I didn't know each of them as well as I do, I think I'd be worried that they're too much in love for me to handle. I knew at the outset that for it all to work Dee would need to have some kind of emotional attachment to a lover; I just didn't realize how deep that emotion could run while remaining within my own level of comfort.

Although Dee has sucked and fucked a good number of guys with fleeting and casual emotion just for the fun of it, nothing compares to when she's intimate with a man she loves and cares about. It will be my privilege once again this evening to stand or sit beside the bed and watch her express what she feels for Don in their love making. All I can do now is count the hours as they pass by with maddening slowness. Once more, a day like this is going to be a long one in the waiting.

To my special friend in the land o' mooses... Please create a new Yahoo or Google mail account and write to me. I need to know how you're doing, and I'd like to know if we'll be able to have lunch at our usual diner this year. I hope we can, though it seems terribly unlikely.

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Lil-Lolita said...

That is HOT!

happy anniversary

mia said...

Hope you had a fantastic time tonight.

MikeCindynJoe said...

That IS a great picture! Thanks.


vsk witness said...

Dee has the most wonderful ass and you have the most wonderful attitude. Great post! Thanks so much for inspiring us to start a blog, we love it.