Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Future and Present Fun

Forgive my recent lapse in putting my heart and soul into this. I'm reveling in a few new technological additions to the electronic arsenal, and when I haven't I've been thinking about our friend Sarah from college who will be visiting the area in a few weeks and who said she'd like to join us on our date night with Don that week. She floored me when she accepted my invitation to forget about her shitty marriage for an evening by spending it naked, playing with us. She has two weeks to chicken out, but I'm hoping that she won't.

Speaking of dates with Don, we had one this evening. Folks who've been visiting here regularly for years (and who have some form of memory left) might remember that for 19 years of our relationship Dee let me put my cock in her ass twice and both times the whole experience lasted for a few seconds before she screamed for me to take it out. Don's cum in Dee's ass over 100 times by now, tonight's big gusher up there between her buns being the most recent. By the time stamps on the pictures I can tell you that he slid up into Dee's pussy at 5:15 and we switched his cock from her pussy to her ass at 5:24. He slipped out at 5:38 after he came which means that for 14 full minutes Don's long dick worked Dee's tender little asshole. It just amazes me how many times she can orgasm and with a remarkable intensity each time when she's getting fucked in the ass. Most of all, I love how happy she is when she's enjoying all those climaxes. She radiates her satisfaction and makes us feel so good for tending to her pleasures.

I just can't tell which of them is enjoying it more when I'm watching them do the ass thing!

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Alfie said...

You manage to get some really great pics. Wish I could do as well.

D said...

Well, I just can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing it, Joe. Never ceases to be beautiful and knowing Dee orgasms so many times and so intensely is just as hot a thought as there is. Mac