Friday, September 14, 2007

500,000 and Counting

Somewhere between my last post and this one the more conservative of the two counters here rolled over the half a million mark. If you're one of those numbers, thank you for making my years of effort here worth it.

Some of you know that behind the scenes I kept a few hidden web pages accessible only to our closest friends on which I showcased usually somewhere between 25 and 50 pictures from Dee's last "date" with one of the guys. Those pages are no more. It took my "being to the mountain" and "hitting the wall" to realize and admit to myself that I stopped enjoying making the pages long ago. For a long time I'd been running on sheer momentum as if I'd had some big flywheel strapped to my ass. I've spun down. It feels good to be here, finally. Oh, I'm as crazy as ever - maybe crazier. No. Definitely crazier. I've just lost the need to be the town crier. When I get some of my game back perhaps I'll come back as a story teller, but not the valalska truba as an old, dear friend used to put it - the "village horn."

Dee's been talking to Dan about my blessing for them to make love alone. She thinks it's going to come to pass. I sure hope so!

I have another "date" with Sarah in the works. An overnighter somewhere between here and there. If all goes according to hopeful plan, I'll see her in a few weeks.

Next month Dee and I will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our meeting and falling in love. Because our courtship was so short, my family begged me to wait at least another year before getting married. My dad literally sobbed, got to his knees, and implored me to wait. They thought we were too much in love and not wise enough to make a rational decision to marry. Twenty-five years, folks - through thick and thin, sickness and health, poor and poorer, and here we are! I've never pretended too much to be rational. I've always followed my heart. Sometimes it's scared the living shit out of me, but it's been landing me on my feet consistently, and with a big, shit-eating grin on my face to boot! I can't complain.

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K said...

Well Joe if you feel good about things -- really that's all that matters. The purpose of a blog is to share - whatever one feel the need to share. So good for YOU!!

Alfie said...

Lest I forget later, early congrats on 25 years of shared togetherness. I loved that "poor and poorer" comment. You two are rich in other ways.

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Congrats on your 25. Hope you get 25+ more

D said...

Well, Joe, it's been great. I'm for whatever makes you and Dee happy. 25 years, through everything, is a wonderful accomplishment, for lack of a better word. Next year will be 30 for me and I wish I had 30 more to spend with mine. Joe, I wish you and Dee well and all the happiness in the world. If and when you chose to post to the blog, I'll be around to listen. Enjoy life, Joe as it seems you're doing. Mac

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 25 years! No one thought TW and I would last either. We just finished year 24. From talking to others and reading online, we're the exception now. Congrats again and here's to many, many more!

bdenied said...

amazing how the count keeps going up and up