Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just in Her Panties

Dee thought that she had spilled some ice cream on her pants and the recliner last night. I wasn't much paying attention and I was focusing on whatever was on the TV - until Dee went into the kitchen and came back into the living room wearing only her panties on the bottom. Suddenly I forgot about whatever it was that I had been watching and all I could think about was Dan seeing Dee like that with only the thin fabric of her underwear separating him from the sight and feel of my wife's hot pussy. I watched Dee in motion walking and my cock twitched in my pants. I wanted her. I needed her!

Not since Dee told me about fucking Richie and losing her virginity to him have I been quite this kind of excited. In spite of having seen her make love with a good variety of men over the course of the past five years, her upcoming love making date with Dan has me riding a keen edge of excitement. Hearing the details she'll tell me afterwards is going to be like when she first told me the Richie stories and I'm thinking that I'm going to get a lot of great mileage out of them.

What am I hoping for?

First, I hope that Dee's experience with Dan will be as loving as mine with Sarah was and will be again. I hope he'll make her feel as special and cared for as Sarah makes me feel, and I hope that she'll feel a wonderful sense of love in sharing her affections and her beautiful body with him. I hope that she'll express with him the love she feels for him as a close friend in her words and in her actions to give him pleasure.

I hope she'll feel a totally new level of sexual excitement in being alone for the first time with somebody of her own choosing - somebody I didn't write to and make plans with too. I hope her orgasms will be astounding in their intensity and that her heart will be as much a part of them as her clitoris.

I'm hoping that Dan has a cock of substantial girth. I've always been a size queen, and the thought of my wife's hole stretching open around a wide cock practically makes me swoon with my own excitement.

I'm hoping that Dan will shake with excitement when he
feels my wife's fingers guiding his hard cock to her hole.

I hope that he'll have decent control over his climax(es) so that he'll be able to pleasure Dee for a good while before petering out (so to speak).

I'm hoping that he'll ejaculate into her pussy at least once in addition to her mouth or her ass if he wants to and is able to stay erect or get hard multiple times. There's just something about having his sperm flood her vagina that kind of seals the whole thing for me - as if their sharing wouldn't be complete without that.

I hope that Dee will be verbal with him not only in expressing her affection but sexually too. When she says to Mike, "That's it, baby. Keep cumming! I want you to drain your balls into me!" or urges Don, "Fuck my ass! Fill my ass with your hot cum!" it's so damned cool.

It will thrill me beyond measure if Dee tells me that Dan
has a big, fat cock that really opened her pussy up wide.

I guess I hope for a lot, but if you're going to do something like this, you may as well pull out all the stops and go for all the bells and whistles you can toot and blow. Oh! Blow! That reminds me... I hope Dee will suck Dan's cock and lick and suck on his balls until he can't stand it any more and practically begs her to let him fuck her. And I hope he trembles with the sheer excitement of it all when he moves over her and sees her beautiful smile staring up at him as he feels her guide his hard cock to her warm, wet, eager opening.

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D said...

Real strange because you know I've been a loyal reader of your blog now for quite a while. I've hardly missed reading one of your posts and have responded to most. I think today it really became crystal clear what "Sharing Dee" is all about. You are truly sharing her in all realms, not just sexually. I wonder how many people are able to see it as I've been able to see it. And that is that it's something you are giving her as well as something she is giving you? And, you both come away with a wonderfully strong marriage and the memories to go with it. I hope Dee's time with Dan is every bit as good as you wish it to be and your time with Sarah equally as satisfying mentally as well as physically. Am I being too selfish to want to hear about both? As always, Joe, these two pictures of Dee are spectacular. I hope you don't mind me calling you and Dee friends because I feel that you are. Mac

Alfie said...

d says it all. It's a fantastic blog, and you express yourself so well, with such exciting pictures.

Selena Kitt said...

I hope it works out just as you're wishing for... :)

mia said...

Hope everything is still going well.

mia said...

Hope you are doing well.

this girl said...

Hope everything is ok. Are you all still doing your thursday nights???

Michelle said...

I miss reading your blog and your thoughts about this private world you have created. It looks like things took a turn in a direction you never imagined and now you are at a loss for words that you are willing to share. You ventured into a territory that appears to have it's share of risks. Been there, done that, took my breath away as well...... I wish you the best!

Shyla said...

knock knock knock-- anyone home? Missing you all and wondering what happened!!!

Upton said...

I'll ditto shyla's "knock, knock" question. Hope y'all are in the best of health and that things are progressing in a positive way.

I check in every day to see what you've been up to..and when you get around to an update, I'll be here for it then.

Mr. Upton Ogood