Friday, October 26, 2007

Officially a HOT WIFE!

Well, I didn't last long away, did I?

At this very moment Dee is on her way to a motel room with Dan while I'm at home typing this. The last time (which was the first time) that she was with him I was 100 miles away from here making love with Sarah. Tonight is different. It's my first evening not with a "shared wife" but with a "hot wife" who's out doing her lover without me along for the ride.

The black undies Dan will see coming off Dee in a little while from now.

I didn't write anything about Dee's first time with Dan because it was somewhat disastrous in that he couldn't stay hard enough to fuck her. Not one for "romance" he stripped himself down when they got to the room and sort of expected her just to do the same. He'd never eaten pussy and wasn't about to start. He came all over her back and ass while jerking himself off from behind with Dee in the doggie style position.

Hopefully when Dee gets home in a few hours she'll be full
of Dan's cum and I'll get a taste of her used pussy.

I hope tonight will be much better for both of them. I hope he'll get good and hard and make Dee see stars.

I have Sarah to thank for this. Without what she gives to me so magnificently I'd never have seen it in me to "allow" Dee to be with Dan without me there.

In two weeks and a day and a half Sarah and I will spend another 24 hours plus together in a continuation of our charmed fairy tale "romance."

All is well. We're doing great. Better than ever, even! I've just gotten quiet.

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Scott said...

Glad to see your back posting! Scared the crap outa me when I logged on and saw you had given up posting on your blog.
Shame that after all the "desire" that Dan has shown that he wasn't able to rise to the occasion. Maybe it was just jitters at finally getting to be with Dee. I tell ya, if he hasn't ever eaten Pussy he has no idea what he has been missing out on does he!

MikeCindynJoe said...

"Well, I didn't last long away, did I?"

No, and I'm glad you didn't!

Damn... welcome back!


The Erotic Couple said...

Glad to see you are back.

Fat Controller said...

Glad to see you're back and in fine form and oh my! those are just wonderful pictures of your beautiful wife.

Rambeau said...

Dan, I am *so* glad you're back! We have all missed you. I'm happy that you and Sarah have such a nice relationship, and I wish the same for Dee and Dan. (And for Joe and Dee!)

That rear view of Dee has to be one of your best shots ... what a lovely lady.

Welcome back, Joe!

mia said...

JOE!!!! I'm so glad you are back. Does this mean you missed us? *insert happy dance*

Upton said...

Welcome back, Joe!

I am pleased to hear that none of the imagined (on my part) tragedies or disasters have befallen.

Your hiatus proved the old saw, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I'm sure that, along with many, many others, I'll be looking forward to hearing of your continuing adventures into the unknown of tomorrow.


Mr. Upton Ogood

Sexy Duet said...

Good to have you back, perhaps the pressure got to Dan the first time. Hopefully Dee has a more enjoyable experience with Dan this time around.


Willy said...

OMG...I'm glad I checked back to see if you really had decided to quit blogging. Great to see your post....I missed your ramblings.
Love willy

S.P. said...

Welcome back, and sorry that Dan got all nervous on her... and what's with this "not about to start" attitude? Hmmm... she'll have to teach him right!

The Go To Guy said...


Great to see you back, buddy.

And a great post to go a long with it. Missed ya, man.