Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First Night as a Hot Wife Hubby

My first evening as a true hot wife's husband was pretty phenomenal. Of course I was somewhat well prepared for it. In all the times I watched Dee getting screwed royally in the past I knew the basic things that would transpire once she and Dan got out of their clothes. The only "maddening" thing about it was knowing that they were out there doing it, but not knowing what they were doing at any particular time.

I got a text message from Dee around 9:30 when the sports event that she and Dan had attended together was over. She simply wrote, "Going out!" I knew what it meant. Going to get a room. Going to get naked. Going to suck her friend's cock. Going to put her legs high in the air and welcome his cock into her body. Going to urge him to empty his balls into her.

I started out the evening typically. I set the other computer to download a whole bunch of porn from the newsgroups and then I sat down to write to Sarah. Now Sarah and I talk have a pretty good work week. I call her every morning around 6:30 and we talk till a little after 7. I call her at various times during the day to "get a fix." We talk every night from Monday through Thursday usually for over an hour. But on Friday evenings her husband comes home from his out of town job and he's not gone till early Monday morning before I call her. She calls me whenever she can "escape" from him but it's always hit or miss. So, on Friday evenings I wind down. I write to her not even knowing when she'll get to read what I'm writing. We've been telling each other about our experiences of growing up in our most recent letters so I spent a few hours on Friday evening while Dee was out telling Sarah various stories from my boyhood.

Kiddo went to bed around 10:30 at which point I knew that Dee and Dan were already together in their room. I turned my attentions to the pile of porn I'd been pulling down and began stroking my cock casually. There was nothing casual about its responsiveness, though. It damned well knew that another cock was out there working my wife's warm, wet hole and it was at full mast with a veritable river of precum flowing from its tip. I don't know how many times I stroked myself to the brink of climax only to stop until the imminent urge to squirt subsided, but I did it in earnest till at least midnight when I thought Dee might be coming home because we had to take kiddo to a college visitation at 8 AM and Dee needs her sleep.

Around 12:30 I figured I'd try to doze and laid down on the couch with the TV on in the background. Try as I might, though I was quite tired, I couldn't fall asleep. Every time I almost dozed I'd hear a car and think it might be Dee. It was 1 AM when I gave up, came back to the computer and went back to getting myself close to cumming repeatedly while looking at the newest fuck pics I'd downloaded and thinking about Dee sucking and fucking Dan. The desire to squirt my goo was enormous, but I wanted to wait for Dee to get home and tell me about the fun she'd had.

Dee got home just a few minutes before 2 AM. She walked in the front door just about floating off the ground and wearing the well fucked look broadly

We went upstairs. I undressed and Dee stripped down to her black panties and black bra. She laid next to me and started stroking my dick. And then she started telling me about how the evening played out.

They started out with Dan nude on the bed with Dee in her black undies just as she was with me. She teased him, kissed him, talked for a while, and then went down on him till he was fully hard. They fucked missionary style, doggie style, and with her on top at various times with Dee sucking his cock during their breaks from screwing. He put her feet up on his shoulders while fucking her missionary style which I thought was really cool because it allows for the best penetration. Dee very much enjoyed being screwed and came whole bunches of times. She said Dan's favorite position is doggie style because he likes the view. I so understand!

By the end of the evening Dan realized that he'd held back his orgasm a little too long and wouldn't be able to cum in Dee's pussy. He stroked himself while kneeling on the bed while Dee laid on her side and licked his balls and the tip of his cock. In her own words in a note to Don: "He came a lot - into my mouth, down my face, on my shoulders. It even coated the pillow. I was surprised at how late it had gotten."

I was deliriously in need of climax so I asked Dee to suck me when she finished telling me about the evening. She gobbled my cock with particular relish for a good while and when she went down to my balls with her lips and tongue I gave my dick a few good full strokes and couldn't hold back any longer. I asked Dee to make me cum and as soon as her tongue touched my cock on the underside below my glans I erupted. My cum arced up over my left shoulder and drenched the pillow on the first shot. It was one of the most stellar orgasms of my life!

Two weeks from today I'll be traveling back to the enchanted little town where Sarah and I met last month, back to the magical B&B where we made love for nearly 24 hours straight. When I'm out there with her again I hope Dee will have another date with Dan and I hope he'll finally gush into her pussy when she's urging, "That's it! Fuck me, baby! I want you to drain your balls into me!"

It's hard to believe that after five years of having done some pretty wild things we're still evolving.

I don't know when I'll feel the urge/want/need to write here again so don't hold your breath. It did feel good, though, to get a touch of the old Joe back in writing this.

I'll be waiting patiently for Dee to bring me home a pussy
full of Dan's cum one of these times. I'll enjoy tasting her
friend's semen fresh from her sweet hole.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Whew... welcome back!


mia said...

Joe, I loved hearing about Dee's fun with Dan and how it made you feel. Definitely got me all hot. Keep writing, please.

Willy said...

Very happy to see you post again Joe...... have to say I missed your ramblings.

Very erotic story... I can understand how horny you can get just thinking of Dee enjoying herself with her friend.

I hope you will keep sharing your thoughts wiyh us..we enjoy getting horny along with you.


this girl said...

OH! You're back!! i am so so so glad.


::doing the happy "Joe's back" dance:::

Lapis Ruber said...

Welcome back. Things have certainly moved to a new level and you writing reflects it. I look forward to future installments

Alfro said...

thanks for comming back.
I appreciate your effort in conveying your joy for life, to us in blog land

50+ said...

Great blog. Glad I found it. can;t wait until the next posting

DGW said...

Please don't leave gaps like this again- for those of use who live vicariously through others, it's our only outlet to a completely different and intoxicating world. I am anxiously awaiting updates. Thank you for your good work!

Alfie said...

Beautifully written post. Thank you so much for bringing us such pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Ah, good times, good times... congrats on the new energy!!!

Pdevil said...

There are many men who get off sharing their wives and watchng them get fucked. Are there many women who got off sharing their husbands and watching them get laid by another woman?

seacoast couple said...

I'm waiting right this minute for Ally to come home from a 'date". It's 9:30PM EST and she left work with him at 5:30PM. It's supposed to be shorter encounter given the coming holiday. But I really don't know specifically what they are doing (well sort of) or where they are. I suspect my Hotwife's car, but......
Thanks for sharing. This is my first visit to your blog and I am hooked. We probably could exchange notes. :)
Have a great night. I am waiting for my wife to come home. ;)