Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Hot Wife Hubby Evening

This is my second true "hot wife husband" night. Dee's out with Dan again and already my cock is oozing precum in a small river and throbbing as I give it an occasional stroke. For years I couldn't understand this part of the hot wifing equation at all and kind of looked down on the guys who embraced it. I never saw myself as one of the men who could sit at home knowing that his wife is out sucking another man and then lifting her legs eagerly to welcome his bare cock into her luscious pussy so he might fill her up with his thick cum, but then again ten years ago I'd not have imagined that I'd not only suck cock someday but truly love doing it.

Here's Dee shortly before she left the house to meet with
Dan sporting the festive new panties he'll take off her early
on in their evening of love making.

The maddening part of waiting here is not knowing what she's doing right now. They still might be playing the slot machines at the casino where they were going to meet, having dinner together, or they very well might have skipped their plans to head straight to a motel room. Dee's mouth might be full of Dan's dick at this very moment, or her soft tongue might be swirling around his full balls while her fingers gently toy with his shaft. Then again his glans might be bouncing off her cervix with every deep thrust inside her gooey bottom and she might be fingering his nuts and coaxing him, "Fuck me, baby! That's it! Fill my pussy up with cum! I want to feel you empty your balls into me!"

Dee gave me this view of her pussy before she left to meet Dan.
I do hope he'll experience the full depth of her love for him and
ejaculate inside her this time.

No, I don't get to watch Dee make Dan hard with her fingers and mouth. I don't get to see him slipping up into her belly and working her juicy, appreciative hole with his stiff cock. I don't get to hear their mutual expressions of affection nor witness their tender kisses. Yet, I'm filled with the same wonder and derive nearly the same thrill I experience when I watch my wife make love with a man. Because of my own times with Sarah I know how delicious this is for both Dee and Dan, and I want them to have as much of it as they can together. I know how it feels, and it's way too good not to have.
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Madame Cane said...

I've enjoyed this tale of Dee and Dan. I will look forward to hot updates. :)

Sheen V said...

Beautiful pictures! And your words are wonderful too!