Sunday, December 02, 2007

He Shoots! He Scores!

I finally became a full, card carrying member of the Hot Wife Hubby Club on Friday evening when Dee came home to me happy to have gotten Dan off in her pussy while he was doing her doggie style. She shared with me a quick synopsis of the evening's fare of sexual treats when she got home, keeping to herself the details of the more loving moments they shared together.

It was a great week! On Thursday we saw Mike, on Friday Dee had her date with Dan, and this afternoon Don came by to pump Dee's ass full of cum. Three "dates" in four days. I'd say my wife is doing pretty well!

A shot from this afternoon with Don at the "helm."
Dee said that Dan told her that he loves to fuck
her doggie style because he likes to watch his cock
move inside her. I so understand and I'm thrilled
that he got to climax in her while enjoying the
spectacular view of her bare back and ass!

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JFBreak said...

This all sounds so hot. I'm curious though, has there been any negative impact in your relationship with Dee as a result of your meetings with Sarah?

Does she crave the details of your encounters in the same way that you crave the details of her encounters? Or does she just seem to let you have it since it might be hypocritical if she didn't? Just wondering.

I love your descriptions - very hot.

Alfie said...

A truly beautiful shot.

DGW said...

Ahhhh... that's better.