Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dee's with Dan Right Now

I haven't seen Dee since 6:15 this morning when I kissed her goodbye and headed upstairs for my shower knowing she'd be on her way to work shortly. She looked great all dressed for the office Christmas party, but she's going to look even better for Dan when she changes into this as soon as they check into the motel and she heads to the bathroom to "freshen up." I'll be wishing I could see the look on his face when she appears in the doorway sporting only her little Santa suit and a naughty smile, but that'll be the mildest thing I'll be wishing that I could see of their evening together.

Once again, I never imagined myself in this role and enjoying it so much. I'd grown so accustomed over the course of five years to being there and watching Dee making love with the guys, and with playing right along with her and the guys who are open to the bi things I enjoy doing, that I didn't ever think I could go all the way into "hot wifing" and sit here alone while Dee's out naked and playing with a man on her own. I'd been very wary of Dan because for over a year he resisted Dee's offer to make love with her with me there watching, but I got over that quickly when I got together with Sarah for the first time and discovered the joy of private intimacy with a close friend. I really wanted Dee to have that too, and now she does on her Dan nights. This is different for me, too, than if she simply went out alone to meet Don or Mike. I know them and they're my friends as much as Dee's. I've seen them interact with her. I've seen them do it all with her. I kind of enjoy the mystique and mystery of knowing that she's out there right now with a man who's her friend and not mine while I'm typing all of this, but not knowing exactly what she's doing at any particular moment.

Something Dee shared with me about their last date that I found very arousing was that after they got their pants and shirts off they sat on the couch in their room kissing and petting for a while in their underwear. Dee put her fingers into Dan's underpants and drew his cock out of the opening to toy with him while they continued their affectionate play. When he was fully stiff she moved the crotch band of her panties to the side and guided him to her opening to urge him up inside her. After some time of gentle screwing they parted only to take off the rest of their clothes and to move over to the bed where they spent the next few hours in their loving exchange of the best of life's pleasures.

Although Dee leaves out most of the details when she tells me about one of her intimate times with Dan the bits and pieces she does tell me are enough to satisfy my hunger to know what she did with him. I know they say, "I love you," to each other, but that's not something she tells as part of a narrative. I know she sucks his cock on and off throughout an evening together and is happy to be able to fit most of it inside her mouth, but I don't know what particular positions she uses or what combinations of licking, sucking, and stroking she uses with him. I know they have intercourse in a variety of ways, but I don't know in what order, for how long, and how fast or deep he moves inside her each time.

I'm sure Dee encourages Dan verbally to cum inside her as she does to all her lovers, but I don't know how "dirty" her talk is with him. I don't know if he announces his imminent ejaculation to her or if he simply sprays her cervix with his hot semen allowing her to sense and feel that his pleasure is at its zenith while he's cumming. I don't know if he lies together kissing Dee with with his cock still inside her after he climaxes or for how long they stay and kiss after they're physically satiated.

At this very moment they're most likely in their room and their play has begun. I don't need to know what's going on. I just want her to be happy. Him too.

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seacoast couple said...

Thanks for sharing! The anxiety of not knowing what my own Hotwife is doing when she is with her FB is part of the thrill I suppose, but it is delicious mix of jealousy and arousal. Just hearing the tidbits that I do, and of course I would really like to hear every salicious detail, is more than enough to have me hard as a rock in a nano second, and between her legs lapping up up her wet cum flavored pussy even quicker!