Sunday, December 23, 2007

Motion Lotion

Dee and Dan enjoyed their fourth date together the other night. She got home around 10 PM and we rushed upstairs for her to tell me enough about what they did to get me off. Once again she didn't offer any particular details, just a general sketch of their playtime which was more than sufficient to get me powerfully aroused and ready to squirt in no time.

Dan came in Dee's pussy again while doing her in his favorite position - doggie style, but they spent a few good hours together doing it missionary style and with Dee on top at various times too with her sucking his cock in between their screwing. She said he kissed her mons and inner thighs but still wasn't bold enough to put his mouth to her vulva. He keeps saying, "One of these days," about taking a shot at eating her. I find it so hard to believe that there's a guy out there who made it to age 60 without ever having given nor received oral sex, but apparently that's Dan.

Dee taught Dan something new by way of pleasure this time. We call it "buns." As she does with me on occasion, Dee laid belly down with her legs together and invited Dan to lie atop her with his legs astride her thighs to slide his cock up and down the length of her ass crack. (Dee has some really delicious moves that she does with those luscious cheeks to make a cock feel fantastic sensations.) Dan got atop Dee and started moving, but then Dee realized that I usually use some form of lube when I do buns with her. She had him dismount so she could get the little tube of lotion from her purse and have him squeeze a little onto her ass . He anointed her crack with some of it, put his cock back between her buns and was in heaven from Dee's telling as he moved along the cleft of her ass and she squeezed and worked her cheeks against his hardness.

I almost laughed aloud when we were in the car yesterday with the girls and the elder asked Dee if she had some lotion because her hands were dry. Dee reached into her purse and handed her the tube - the same tube her lover had used to lubricate her so he could fuck her ass crack. Being in "mommy mode" at the time I doubt that Dee even entertained a passing thought about Dan's cock tooling up and down between her buns, but it was all I could think of when she pulled that lotion out of her purse in the car.

I don't know how intense the moisture was, but I'll bet the sensations
were quite exquisite in Dan's erect dick when my wife's ass was caressing it.

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Greg & Sheryl said...

Most women like Dee seem to prefer "boy toys," so it's cool that Dee is okay having older lovers.