Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Alive

I appreciate the letters I get from all of you from the "old days" here who write to me from time to time, though admittedly, I'm not very good about writing back. Despite the significant changes in me since last summer, I'm still very much the same person. The only thing that's changed, really, is my desire to talk about my feelings. I don't know why it happened - my strange lack of wanting to talk about everything as I used to so openly.

For the record, we're still having and loving our evenings with Don and Mike. It still drives me wild to see my wife pleasuring and being pleasured by one of their cocks in addition to mine in the course of an evening's play.

Likewise, I'm very much enjoying playing with their cocks too. Here I am guiding Mike up into Dee's juicy pussy just a few days ago. I love feeling how hard he is for her and knowing that he's going to cum inside her. Mike usually abstains from orgasming for a few days when he's going to make love with Dee and it excites both Dee and me tremendously when he finally ejaculates into her snug hole and literally floods her with his hot cum.

The thing with Dee and Dan drives me wilder than ever. I truly never thought I'd be here, but I enjoy having Dee go out to make love with Dan without me being along. I don't press her for many details when she gets home, but she usually tells me by what means she brought him to orgasm which is generally enough to have me hard and throbbing to enjoy a quickie before putting her to bed.

And, yes, I'm seeing Sarah about once a month. In December and this month we were able to have two full weekends together, sharing three partial days and two nights. Last weekend Dee and daughter visited relatives out of state and Sarah spent the weekend with me right here at home. We cooked, we ate, we rode around for me to show her some of my old haunts, and we made love over and over again. We're terrible for each other's cholesterol, but I love eating with her - er, both kinds of eating, that is.

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bobleprechaun said...

As always I admire your images and talent for capturing the best of pleasures. Of course I also love seeing Dee again especially when she is enjoying herself.
Aloha, Bob

Rambeau said...

So nice to read that you're not only still enjoying times together with Dee and the guys, but especially your special times with Sarah. What a lucky guy!

Sheen V said...

I love that picture of Dee stroking you two side by side - beautiful!

D said...

Glad to see your still posting to the blog every now and then, Joe. Mac