Friday, February 01, 2008

Funny Timing

So there we were at our favorite motel with Don last night. Dee was sucking on my balls while I was stroking my cock and Don was fingering her from behind. I was on the verge of orgasm and it felt so damned good that I didn't want to stop to move into position to put my cock into Dee. Just as I felt everything inside me getting ready for my first big squirt, my cell phone began playing my sister's ring tone. "Mouth!" I urged Dee who didn't really hear what I'd said and lifted her head thinking I wanted to rush to pick up the phone. (We were both thinking that my sis was calling to tell us that my aunt who's in hospice care had passed away.) "MOUTH!" I nearly begged, putting my hand to the back of Dee's head to guide her lips to my ready to gush cock. She got her mouth back to me just in time for me to start ejaculating freely with my phone still merrily playing along. When I'd finally finished gushing the goo I made it to the now silent phone. It had been a multimedia message from my sister and not a call. She'd sent me this picture...

For a second or two I was perplexed. Could she possibly have known that her brother and sister-in-law were out having sex with a friend? I called her from the bathroom while Dee and Don went back at it together. She'd been visiting our uncle. That sign was on his refrigerator and she just had to share it with somebody. She knew I'd appreciated it. I did, but the timing was even funnier and that, alas, I couldn't share with her.

I really like this shot from the evening's festivities - a spry Dee is in motion and about to guide Don's cock up into her warm, hungry pussy. Even more than the actual penetration shots this one excites me because I can see her eagerness for Don's dick frozen in this moment in time. It thrills me to know that she really enjoys feeling him moving inside her - as much for the satisfaction she knows she's giving to Don as for the strong and repeated orgasms she gets in return.

I was going to put a little video clip here but it said that I can't upload anything obscene. Damn!

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Alfro said...

Upload the video.
How could anyone say that watching Dee get layed is obscene.

MikeCindynJoe said...

That pic's not obscene... it's beautiful!