Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still Watching

Last evening Mike visited while our daughter was at work.  When he got here around 5:00, Dee was upstairs napping after having come home tired from work herself.  I instructed Mike to head upstairs and wash up, and then to head to the bedroom.  While he headed to the bathroom, I went into the bedroom, woke the lightly sleeping Dee and helped her out of her clothes.  When Mike came out of the bathroom, Dee and I ran into wash, and then we joined Mike in the bedroom where Dee joined him on the bed and I positioned myself on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed to watch them interact.  They talked a little about their workdays while fingering each other and kissing lightly.  Eventually they laid back and got into the deeper kissing.  Dee spread her legs open wide and gestured for me to lick her.  Eager to please, and to get her ready to receive her lover, I parted her labia with the tip of my tongue and then set to work on her clitoris.

Dee moaned and squirmed while Mike's tongue sparred with hers \while mine lapped at her vulva like there was no tomorrow.  I reached over without missing a beat on Dee's clit and took Mike's cock into my hand.  It had been weeks since we'd been naked with him and it felt good to feel his hardness, knowing how much my wife excited him, and thinking about how in just a little while he'd be easing himself into her juicy bottom.  After a while I just had to abandon Dee's pussy to take Mike into my mouth.  I love sliding a man's stiff dick between my lips when I know that it's headed for Dee's hungry hole.  I swirled my tongue all around Mike while my lips worked up and down his shaft.  I paused for only a little while to lick his balls all over and under, then sucked him some more before going back to Dee's slit where Mike's fingers had been busy in the mean time.

Dee had an orgasm on my tongue and as soon as her pleasurable spasms subsided she urged Mike to take her.  He rose into position while Dee opened her bottom fully for him to access her.  There was no fumbling around.  After having made love hundreds of times together, Mike leaned forward and the tip of his cock slid right up into my wife.  My eyes couldn't have left the scene if they'd wanted to as they watched Mike slide his hard dick balls deep into her and then withdraw slowly before taking up their usual screwing pace.

The aroma of fried sausage, onions, and peppers hung about the room.  We'd be having supper after the fun session upstairs.  I reflected for some time on how things were in the "old days" when this was all so new and exciting to us.  We'd spend, literally, hours with one of the guys in a motel room, prolonging the pleasures and doing everything two or three times or more depending on how many guys were joining us.  A lot of my time then was spent as you see me in this picture, watching eagerly from the sidelines while the other guys took their turns with my wife's mouth, pussy, and ass, oozing precum and waiting for sloppy seconds, or thirds or fourths.

Mike screwed Dee leaning forward for a while, then lifted himself up and drew her ankles to his shoulders while continuing to pump her pussy.  I looked down and saw the pleasure on Dee's face as her lover's cock drilled her with a steady tempo.  It's still somewhat weird to see her without her breasts since the surgery last summer.  So many times I watched her getting it while her B cups rolled around gently with her big, stiff nipples capping each one so perfectly.  Now, there's just the chest wall where they used to be.  Truthfully, I find it sexy in its own way though that might seem odd.  And I think the same of her hair these days, only grown back to about three quarters of an inch since the chemo ended.  It's sort of arousing somehow though I won't pretend to understand how, knowing all of the misery she went through to get rid of the cancer.

A glimpse of the old days with Mike inside Dee and her precious tits marking the beat of his movements by swaying to and fro in time with his thrusts.  WARNING: If you click on the picture, you'll see a picture from last night of Dee without her breasts while Mike was screwing her.

Mike bent over to kiss Dee some more while his hips kept up the comfortable cadence they were both enjoying.  I set down the camera and laid down next to them so I could reach under Mike and play with his balls while he was fucking my wife.  I know that it's only the sperm that get made in the balls themselves, but when I'm handling a guy's nuts while he's doing Dee I imagine them bloated and full of the thick semen that he'll soon be spraying onto her cervix. Mike's sac felt particularly heavy as I rolled his balls around inside and teased his taint with my fingertips.  After a few minutes Mike picked up the pace not long after that I heard the telltale low groan that signaled that he was ejaculating.  I kept working his balls until his major spasms subsided and then I moved my fingers down to Dee's ass crack to feel Mike's warm spunk running down between her taut buns as it drizzled from where they were still joined together and Mike was still moving in and out.

When Mike finally stopped shuddering from the smaller tinges of pleasure coursing through his dick he dismounted and I quickly laid back on the bed next to Dee.  She sat up and positioned herself so she could suck my cock and lick my balls.  I reached over while I felt her taking me into her mouth, and pressed my fingertips to her slit.  Mike's warm cream was oozing from her hole and my finger slid right in.  Dee moved her mouth down to my nuts and I stroked myself lightly to full erection while she licked them all over.  Mike moved his fingertips into play and stroked my taint and asshole lightly.  The sensations were nearly maddening in their multiplicity.  The richness of my own fingers gently caressing the most sensitive spot on my cock with Dee's warm tongue lapping at my nuts and Mike's fingers dancing over my puckered hole had me ready for Dee's pussy in no time.  I tapped her on the ass, my usual signal that I'm ready to enter her, and she rolled over raising her legs high and wide apart.

I moved into position and just by nudging my hips I lined myself up with Dee's opening and sank deep inside her.  I could feel the warmth of her pussy immediately and then the snugness of her entire hole surrounding me completely.  My balls pressed in against her asshole as I dug in deep to feel my cock pulsate as I adjusted my position slightly.  As I began to move I could feel the silkiness of Mike's semen coating my shaft and that indescribable feeling of knowing that my wife once more had just given herself totally to her lover took over in my brain.  It didn't take long till I added my own sperm to the millions of Mike's that were already swimming around in Dee's belly.  It had been a few days since I'd cum and I savored the quite strong orgasm I was having as each blast of my own cream gushed out of the tip of my cock and into Dee.

Fifteen minutes later and the three of us were biting into our sausage sandwiches.  There'd be no seconds nor thirds upstairs as there'd been for many years.  Things are remarkably different since I started writing this blog, but my hot wife is still enjoying her lovers' ministrations to her changed body.  And although my own heart mostly belongs to another woman, there will always be room in it for Dee.


john said...

I clicked on the link from "shared Cindy" and started to scan through quick to see if you had anything worth saying.

You sure did!!!

I ran through the pictures and clicked on the one that you said was done quite recently. I thought "cool" real people, over 25 and a few extra pounds, just like most of us. It looked pretty hot to me and I continued on. I did a little more reading and saw reference to cancer and no breasts. I went back to the picture and looked close and son-of-a-bitch, no breasts. But guess what? Still hot as hell!

I think that she in an inspiration to everyone and you both should be proud as hell.

Fred said...

Dee & Joe ---------- so good to read of your recent passions. It would have been so easy to lament "why me?" and give up. I know yo have suffered with arthritis and other issues for years, but you prevailed. I am so glad you are willing to show your breasts post surgery. They were always very pretty, but knowing of your challenges and successes their loss is of no real consequence. My your God continue to shine down on you. Fred