Sunday, June 05, 2011

Clothed Cuckold's Shoes for a Session

Because our daughter was out with my sister for dinner and then a visit to relatives, we didn't know when we might expect her home on Thursday evening when Don was scheduled to join us for our usual biweekly playtime with him.  There was some question as to whether or not Dee would take Don upstairs to the bedroom because of our not knowing when we might be interrupted, but when the time came she was turned on and wanted Don, so she was willing to risk it.  She headed up about an hour before Don was to arrive, stripped down, and crawled under the covers for a nap.  When Don would arrive, I'd instruct him to head up, undress, and then rouse Dee from her slumber by climbing into the bed with her nude.

After Don got here and went up the steps to the second floor I made sure the doors were all locked - the storm doors as well as the main doors because the former can't be unlocked with a key from the outside.  Thus, if our daughter came home extra early there would be a little built in time for clothes to be pulled on hurriedly.  Making sure we were locked down tight, I skipped up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom.  Don and Dee were already fully nude and facing each other on the bed and kissing passionately when I got there.  As if scripted, there was Dee's hand between them stroking her lover's cock and caressing his big balls while Don's hand ran all over Dee's ass with his fingertips occasionally slipping between her buns to feel the tight little asshole that he'd undoubtedly fuck with gusto later on.

Though I'm generally nude myself while I watch Dee with a lover and often perform as her "fluff boy," I decided that I'd stay dressed just in case I had to run down the stairs to open the door should our daughter interrupt the proceedings.  As I crawled onto the bed from the foot, Don rolled over onto his back and spread his legs wide apart to give me room.  It had been some time since I'd sucked Don's dick and I was quite hungry for a good, long taste of him.  Dee guided the tip of his cock to my eager lips and as I felt him slide over my tongue I felt Dee's fingers dip down under his balls.  

Now, my thoughts when I'm sucking a man to get him good and hard for my wife's pussy or ass are totally different than when I meet with a guy alone just to play with him.  In a case such as the one I relished on Thursday, I experience the varied sensations of the cock in my mouth thinking all the time about what Dee's vagina must feel when he's inside her.  Granted, the experiences are totally different and a pussy lining isn't necessarily as sensitive as lips, a tongue, and the insides of one's cheeks, but still my brain works overtime as a cock pistons in and out of my mouth and I think about how it'll be fucking Dee in just a little while.

When Dee put Don's cock into my mouth it was just as I like it to be - not fully erect yet.  I like to feel a dick stiffen to the max when I'm sucking it.  I like feeling its length and girth expanding while I'm licking and sucking away like I'm going to make it cum, even if I know that its orgasmic enjoyment is going to be experienced up my wife's ass rather than in my mouth.  After some time, Don began lifting his legs.  I knew what he wanted!  I slid his cock out from between my lips, moved Dee's fingers out of the way, and licked my way down over his balls to where his eager asshole waited to feel the tip of my tongue.  I ate Don's ass with as much fervor as I do a woman's pussy, losing myself in the rich variety of sensations between the rough, hairy exterior, the rubbery texture of his hole itself, and the velvety smoothness just inside his rim.  As I lapped away at his asshole, I reached up to find Don's cock as hard as steel and throbbing.  I suggested that Dee join in and for a while I watched her lips and tongue tending to his hard meat while I licked his balls and fingered his ass.

No matter how many times I witness the act, the sight of
Dee's soft lips on another man's cock exhilarates me!

Dee rolled her bottom around and lifted a leg so she could align her bare bottom with Don's face.  I used to love the view myself when Dee would get atop me in a 69 and suck my cock while I licked her vulva and probed her hole at the same time.  I had to pause from playing with Don's bottom to get a few pictures which I hadn't done in a while but figured I'd do on Thursday in case I felt like writing about it as I'm doing now.

When I set down the camera a few minutes later and got back into position between Don's legs I wet my finger with a generous glob of saliva and aimed the tip at Don's ass.  I set my lips back to working on his balls while he gently pumped his cock in and out of Dee's mouth and very slowly entered his bottom with my finger.  I heard a low hum of pleasure escape his lips when the tip of my finger pressed against just the right spot up inside him.  It was time!  As if on cue Dee lifted her aroused pussy from Don's face and turned herself around.  I watched transfixed with my eyeballs only an inch away as she straddled her lover, reached down and nestled the tip of his cock into her vestibule, and then eased her ass down to glide her juicy pussy down the full length of his stiff shaft.

Don paused for only a moment to savor the walls of Dee's slick vagina grasping his cock from all sides with their warm, snug pressure, and then slowly began to hump up into her with gentle but long thrusts.  I matched his tempo, fucking his ass with my finger so as to match his same depth and speed with which he screwed my wife.  Sometimes I wish there was somebody to take a picture of the expression on my face when it's just inches away from a hard cock inside my wife.  I really should have thought of that when we were playing with multiple partners in the same session, but I'd kind of just assumed that those days would never end.  In any event, there I was on Thursday undoubtedly grinning like an idiot while fucking Don's asshole with my finger, giving his balls an occasional lap, and watching his hard cock all covered with Dee's cream pushing in and out of her sweet hole.

When Dee's legs grew tired she dismounted and I took Don's full length back into my mouth to savor the thick coating of Dee's pussy cream along with the great feeling of his very hard cock between my lips.  She laid back at his side relaxing while I sucked him and probed deeper with my finger in his ass to stimulate his prostate at the same time.  Dee's fingers slid back down to knead Don's balls while I sucked away at his dick and they shared kisses, whispers, and giggles.  After some time Dee slid down to join me once again in licking and sucking Don at the same time.  She took him into her mouth while I licked the lower part of his cock and his balls.  When I slid my finger out of Don's ass, it was the seeming cue for the grande finale to begin.

Don and Dee communicate without words so beautifully during their love making all the time.  As if rehearsed Dee reached over for the baby oil, handed it to Don, and then got onto all fours to present her eager ass to him.  Before she'd even started reaching for the oil Don had slid back on the bed and got onto his knees, ready to move forward as soon as she was ready.  Don flipped the top of the oil bottle open and poured some into Dee's crack working his fingers to separate her buns so the oil would drizzle over her asshole.  He splashed some into his hand and coated his cock thoroughly before handing me the bottle so I could set it down and moving forward to position himself.  Opening Dee's buns once more with the long fingers of his left hand, Don poised the very tip of his dick at Dee's tightly pursed opening.  Dee gave up a soft moan as I watched the head of Don's cock pop into her ass and then a long sigh as he pressed firmly but slowly to bury the full length of his shaft up inside her.  On the occasions when Don fucks my ass I have to have him put himself about halfway into me and then start pumping slowly while going deeper only a little at a time until I can take his full length comfortably.  Not so with Dee, though.  She can take every last millimeter of Don's cock in her ass with one good thrust and love every second of its entry.

Just as when he entered Dee's vagina earlier, Don paused momentarily after his cock bottomed out in Dee's ass to savor the unique sensations of Dee's darker hole.  His hands caressed Dee's ass cheeks softly while he snuggled in tight against her bottom.  A little while passed and then Don began moving inside her.  With each nudge backward of his hips, Don withdrew just a little of his cock before pushing himself all the way back up inside Dee's snug ass.  Each time he moved back, he did so only a little more than the time before, and I'd swear good minutes passed before he was skewering her tender asshole with the full length of his cock on just about every thrust.  Dee was orgasming repeatedly as Don screwed her backside.  She started with a little one after the first full thrusts of Don's dick, and after a short refractory period between each climax she built steadily toward the tremendously powerful one she had right before Don began to squirt.

As Don's orgasm approaches it's fully evident.  His thrusts become hard and fast with the fronts of his thighs slapping against Dee's soft buns.  He bangs into her asshole with no mercy, driving the full length of his stiff cock deep every time.  Often Dee reaches back to tickle his balls as they flop forward while he's pounding his dick into her like a jackhammer.  I can tell by the look on his face (when I'm capable of tearing my eyes away from his cock moving through her asshole) that he's in the zone and only seconds away from cumming.  I heard the telltale, low rumble begin in Don's throat and build into the familiar grunt that becomes a prolonged moan and knew when his whole body shuddered that he was ejaculating deep in Dee's sweet ass.  His furious thrusting subsided then, and as he continued jetting his thick semen into Dee's bottom he moved with long, deliberate pushes of his full length through the tight ring of Dee's ass.

As usual, when the big gushes of Don's climax ended, he and Dee dropped face down on the bed with Don atop her back, his cock still buried in her ass.  Now and then he'd shudder quietly and I knew each time that he was feeling one of those little orgasmic aftershocks that guys often get after cumming.  

I laid there just looking at them luxuriating in their post orgasmic bliss, and thought about how often wish I could watch on an ultrasound to see Don's cock actually working its magic up inside Dee, especially at the moment of his ejaculation.  It would be kind of wild, I think!  Though I'd have welcomed Don to suck my cock to orgasm as he often does when he's done fucking Dee, I stayed clothed 'cause it was now even beyond when we expected our daughter to be back.  After a few minutes of savoring their naked closeness Dee and Don pulled on their clothes and we headed back downstairs to look at some pictures from Don's recent trip.  I made myself cum later, after Dee headed to bed and it was a very good one!

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