Friday, May 20, 2005

Dee Writes: An Evening with Ted

Dee wrote this one herself to share with her online friends and fans.

February26, 2004 - Our Evening with Ted

We got to Ted's small suite about 5 o'clock and started right in. I wore a plaid button down shirt and a pair of jeans and nothing else- no bra, no panties. I was nice and wet on the drive there. When we arrived, Ted and I kissed for a while as Joe set up camera. Joe reminded me to turn off my cell phone so Ted got up to do the same. As I passed Joe, I leaned over and kissed him and he unbuttoned my shirt just enough to let Ted know that I wasn't wearing a bra. When I walked back to Ted, he smiled his approval and reached into my shirt to tease my breasts. Knowing that I wasn't wearing a bra as he teased my nipples, the thought occurred to him that I most likely wasn't wearing panties either. It was funny in a way because I could almost see the light bulb in his head turn on! He worked his hands down the back of my jeans and felt nothing but my bare ass. I heard him groan his approval as he reached back around to unzip my pants. After this discovery he must have been rock hard!

Ted was standing in front of an armchair at this point. After he undid my pants and slid them midway down my thighs, he sat down and licked wherever he could reached before removing my jeans completely. I, of course, was dripping wet and he inserted a finger into me just to see how wet I was. I could tell my scent was getting to him and I had him stand so I could remove his jeans too. When they were off, I pushed him back into the chair and knelt in front of him to suck his waiting cock.

He moaned softly and rolled his hips as I worked his thick cock and big balls with my tongue and lips, but soon he whispered to me that he wanted to go to the bed. As I stood up he did too and led me by the hand into the bedroom. As we got to the edge of the king size bed, he pushed me gently to the mattress and laid on top of me. He pulled me so I was totally on the bed and kissed me. He rubbed his cock on my belly and thighs, driving me crazy, before entering me. Finally the moment I had been waiting for had arrived! I love the feeling of entry and it felt great as he slid up inside me!

Ted's cock is tapered at the head and quite thick at the middle and base by his balls so he inserted himself slowly into me. First he put just the head of his cock against my opening and let me "suck" him in as my pussy stretched open, wanting eagerly to be fucked. Ted likes to change positions and he fucked me first in classic missionary fashion with my legs wrapped around his back. After I came a few times, he moved my legs to his neck and continue to pump me. When he came the first time, his hardness didn't decrease and he kept drilling me. When I needed a small break, he pulled out and ate our combined juices from my pussy. It felt so good!

Whenever Joe came within reach, I grabbed his cock and that seemed to really keep Ted going too. You know how it is - I lose track of what happened when, but when Ted needed a break, I sucked Joe with my ass high in the air for Ted to see my swollen slit. Ted laid down with his face near my pussy so he could finger me while I was sucking Joe. Ted moved so his head my under me and he ate me while I continued to suck Joe. After I came, Joe fucked me. It was so good! That turned Ted on so much that he climbed right back on top of me when Joe was finished. After a little while, Ted had me roll to my side so he could do "sideways" doggie as Joe calls it. One leg is straight, the other bent and he straddles my straight leg. He gets in very deep this way and I could feel his cock hitting my cervix with each thrust. Next, Ted put me back on my back again and he did me nice and hard this way. I, of course, came several times!

I switched us over to doggie style by getting on all fours and presenting my ass to him. I knew he wanted my asshole and several times he told me what a cute set of buns I had. Ted settled in behind me and fucked my pussy. I don't think he knew at first that I wanted him to fuck my ass so he would tease me and then back off. To let him know what I wanted, I reached back and ran my finger through my pussy juice up to my ass and then teased my opening. He took the hint and started to rubbing my tight ring. Ted slid out of my pussy, leaned down and licked my ass so it was good and wet. Knowing how thick he is, he was very gentle and got lots of pussy juice and spit to ease his entry. We had some difficulties with angles at first but he was very patient and inventive until we got it right with me flat on the bed with pillow under my belly and Ted's hard cock in my ass. I had at least five intense orgasms this way and we kept going. After fucking me in that position for a while, Ted got me onto my back, raised my legs, and entered my ass again. He didn't stop until he came in my butt!

Joe got hot from watching Ted fuck my ass that is was ready to go again. I got into Joe's favorite position and he slide his cock deep in my pussy. I could feel my greedy pussy wanting him, grabbing and sucking him. As I came again, I pushed him out, but he persevered and went right back. He came again even stronger than the first time. Ted commented a few times about how tight I felt and how my pussy was clamping down on him when I came, so I knew that when Joe started squirting my hole was milking his cock dry.

After Joe came for the second time, we cuddle and kissed for a while. Ted then got "hungry" again and kissed and teased his way back to my pussy. He buried his face into my well used pussy telling me how much he loved my bare slit so he can see how swollen the lips are as an indication of how excited I am! Again, I came several times. When Ted moved up to my face to kiss me, Joe went down to eat me. It was almost painfully intense but when I moved my arms to push Joe away, Ted grabbed my arms, held me down, and laughed, telling me it was better this way. He was right! It was so intense I thought I was going to pass out! Ted seemed to be super turned on again from witnessing my orgasm and was hard again. He climbed back on me and held my arms above my head and pumped me hard. I am not sure if Ted came again because he doesn't shudder like most guys do and is a very "smooth" cummer. (If he did it would have been his fifth orgasm of the evening).

When we got home, I was still in a playful mood even though a bit sore. We went upstairs, I stripped for Joe, and wiggled my tits and ass for him. I leaned over and kissed his face for a while and then worked on his cock. He took over and started stroking while I sucked his balls. Joe ate me again and then used the vibrator on me. Finally, totally spent and content, I went to sleep. Sweet dreams, Ted & Joe!

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