Friday, May 20, 2005

Retrospective: Anticipating Bill

This was written on the same day when Dee made love with Bill for the first time. I was excited during the late morning while waiting for the evening to arrive and needed to express what I was thinking and feeling. Dee's enjoyed Bill's sexual delights three times now, as of this posting.

It's only around 10:30 AM, Tuesday, July 22nd, and I'm already leaking precum quietly into my briefs. Hopefully before tonight's over Dee will feel her sixth extramarital cock drilling her deep and splashing its heavy load up against her cervix as she and her lover writhe in mutual ecstasy. It's been one hell of a year! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would be possible to see my own sweet wife eagerly spreading her legs for another man's stiff cock, yet in the past 365 days I've seen her doing precisely that over 40 times. Tomorrow we celebrate our one year anniversary of Dee being a hot wife.

We met Bill online as we've met all of Dee's playmates. His letters were witty, sincere, and horny - always a winning combination of qualities that reveal somebody to be the kind of guy we like. He's educated, nicely built, and appears to be a good looking man. I have little doubt that Dee's going to experience much pleasure with him and return similarly red hot sensations to him as well. He should be getting to our area around 6 PM, and hopefully we'll have about four hours for him and Dee to play while I photograph them.

A day like this, when we're going to get together with a new lover for Dee, is always especially exciting. She revels in the uniqueness of the pleasures that her lovers afford her, and since she hasn't experienced Bill's sytle yet we're both all keyed up in imagining how it's going to be when he undresses her and begins the slow progression of warming her up till her desire to feel him inside her becomes a need rather than a want. By then, I'm sure Dee's warm mouth and velvety tongue will have him raised to a throbbing full mast with a desire behind his balls that will ache to be expressed.

Though it's always a delight to see Dee with a guy who can delay his orgasm till she's had over a dozen in a variety of positions, it's equally thrilling to see a man's cum leaking from her opening after only a few strokes of his bare cock in her hungry hole. It's a great feeling to know that he finds my wife's pussy so good that he can't hold back. Almost always a quick squirt deep in her pussy early on ensures a much longer, luxurious screw later. Dee knocks herself out in getting him up to full hardness a second time or even a third if he's able.

Dee enjoys giving pleasure to a man as much as she loves receiving it from him and really concentrates on what she's doing to him to learn his preferences early in the evening. Tentative fingers, lips, and tongue gauge her partner's responses as she explores him for the first time. Later she uses the techniques she's learned to drive him wild and make him need to screw her again.

After 20 years together I know all too well what a man's feeling when she's ministering to his rising needs. I know as she's engulfing his glans and running her tongue around it as she strokes and kneads her partner's balls, or running her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft that she's trying to get him as hard as he can be. Some delicate tongue work all over and behind his balls usually bloats her lover's cock to its fullest dimension at which point she's more than ready to feel him inside her. There too I can tell by watching the muscles in her buns and legs when she's clenching her wet pussy tight against his stiff cock, and her heavy breathing (She's not a moaner nor a screamer.) is always a clear indication of when she's having an orgasm.
Though I generally write from the perspective of being on the sidelines, that's not the case when Dee's actually playing with a man. When I can bear to set the camera down I'm there in the action as well, sometimes licking her pussy while she's sucking her guy, sometimes with my cock in her mouth while she's being fucked, sometimes fucking her while she's sucking her lover. She loves having an extra dick to play with while somebody's bringing her to climax. When her lover needs a little break (and they almost always do) I enjoy screwing her with her lover watching and always angle us so he gets a good view of my cock working her hole.

I vary from my usual style here too in that I'm writing in a very horny state of mind. Dee's lovers get the full package - the kissing, the cuddling, the vast array of sweet emotions that Dee exudes. She truly makes love with each of the men she sees and feels for them a depth of emotion that would scare me if I didn't know her so well. But I do. We've been soulmates from our first kiss 21 years ago. Dee's extramarital excursions have done nothing but bring the two of us even closer together than we'd ever been.

And so for the next eight hours I have little to do but sit here and think about tonight - about Dee being nude again before a stranger's eyes, and using her body to give him (and me) the best of life's physical pleasures with a smile on her face that makes a guy's orgasm go on for what feels like forever. I can't wait for mine!

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