Thursday, May 19, 2005

Musing: A New Guy for Dee

It was almost a year ago that Dee enjoyed a new guy - a new cock to pleasure her. For various reasons, including that we see Mike just about every week now, we weren't very actively trying to find anybody new since last summer. A number of guys have caught Dee's eye recently, though, and she invited each of them to write to me as well as to her so that we can get to know them well enough to meet with them. She told me this morning to invite somebody new to join us in a few weeks, and already I can feel the excitement building in me. I sent an invitation to a guy who's only about 40 minutes from here just a little while ago and I eagerly await his reply.

My own cock stirs as I imagine Dee's first few minutes with a new lover. I envision that first look of her lover's eyes into hers when Dee melts and her lover sees the depth of her cuteness. She looks at a new lover with a shy twinkle in her eye. Never mind that before a few hours will pass this guy and my sweet wife will be joined together as intimately as two persons can be, perhaps a few times; she always looks at a new lover the same way - like a school girl whose skirt was just blown up by the wind. She leans in to kiss him, her fingers go for his zipper, and time for me stands still. I watch with every cell in my body conscious of the action before me, and when Dee's fingers touch her new lover's cock for the first time and his body jerks as a jolt of pleasure courses through him, I finally remember to start breathing again.

In the minutes that follow Dee will eagerly undress her lover, caressing his cock whenever she's not actively taking off one of his pieces of clothing, and in turn she'll patiently await for her lover to strip her nude. Almost invariably a new guy will "say hello" to Dee's breasts as soon as he bares them, feeling and kissing them before he takes off her skirt or pants, and then her panties. Usually when Dee and her lover are fully nude, Dee's mood will dictate what comes next. If she's in a more passive mood, she'll let her new guy coax her to lie back on the bed to eat her sweet pussy. If she's feeling particularly playful and devilish, she'll lie him back and guide his cock to her mouth. I love watching Dee's lips and tongue explore a new dick - watching her licking it, and her lover's balls, as if she's studying his texture and savoring the uniqueness of what he has to offer her. I sigh inwardly when her lips part and she takes her lover's stiff cock inside her mouth, trying to watch his face and her lips at the same time.

Almost all of the guys who've spent an evening with Dee have loved to pleasure her orally. Her pussy is by far the best tasting that I've ever eaten and I swear it's addictive. Dee's extreme responsiveness to a lover's tongue always makes licking her an experience to remember. Perhaps the most sexually charged moments of an entire evening for me are those in which Dee is cumming. Luckily, she is very multi-orgasmic and can cum dozens of times in a few good hours of play. I do enjoy how eagerly a new lover goes down on Dee when he realizes how much she's loving every second of it.

The highlight of an evening with a new lover, by far, is when Dee welcomes his cock into her warm, juicy hole. It's the moment that all of their foreplay leads so beautifully toward as each gets the other's body ready for their coming together. Usually for her first time with a new lover Dee lies back and lifts her legs while bending them at the knees. He kneels before her, his stiff cock at the ready, and leans forward while her fingers reach down to guide him inside her. I watch from the foot of the bed as my wife's small fingers ease the head of her new lover's cock into the dimple of her opening, and I practically groan myself when he nudges his hips forward and I see his rock hard dick slide all the way into Dee until his bare balls press firmly against her taut, upturned ass cheeks. Then the real pleasure begins. I watch with increasing fascination as Dee's new guy fucks her. I see her cream clinging to his shaft as he withdraws only to plunge deep back inside. I hear her cumming - again, and again for as long as her lover can hold out and give it to her good. And, it rocks my world in that most sacrosanct of moments when I see her lovers ass go taut, his toes curl, and his body jolt as his cock squirts its homage to my wife into her very person.

And so I wait for the response to the invitation I just sent out, hoping that in a few weeks I'll be enjoying all of what I just described when Dee takes a new lover...

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