Friday, July 01, 2005

Musings: Photo Archive Suggestion

This is to acknowledge tugun's suggestion that we put up a photo archive for the fans who've been late in finding us. We'd love to, but it would take more money than our budget could bear, unfortunately, and it takes more time than you might think to get pictures web ready if you're doing them in quantity. Nobody's handing out free web space without a catch and I'm not going to send anybody to a "free" website with banner ads all over the place, or worse - popups. Some years back I'd built a large site with our pics on one of those free porn servers, only to discover much to my horror that pics were disappearing from the server at random and the 404's were redirecting folks to a page that installed popup software on their machines as well as bombarding them with immediate popups.

What we share, we do freely, within our budget and within a time frame that allows us to wear our "real life" hats too. If this ever starts to feel like work, we'll stop doing it completely; it's a hobby, but one that we take seriously and with a real sense of obligation to the folks who like what we offer and take the time to say so. We'd rather keep it small, manageable, personal, and friendly than to expand it into something in which we couldn't preserve the hometown flair nor interact meaningfully with our online friends. In short, we'd rather be the last small five and dime around than to become just another pro-am Wal-Mart of erotica.


Anonymous said...

hey joe...I may have a solution for you...gotta test it out myself first though...i'll drop you an email in a bit once I give it a test drive

matt in chicago

tugun said...

Hi Joe, Thanks for your reply, I understand, but what a shame that all those photos are a 'thing of the past', what a waste !!!!!!!!!!