Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Musings: Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is a force which has driven me for a long, long time, and a sexual experience without it is kind of like eating fast food. It'll fill you, but there's something better out there.

Good sexual tension keeps the entertainment industry in business to a large degree. The palpable tension between Sam and Diane on Cheers many years ago, for example, is a sterling example. Week after week we tuned in, not only to hear what we knew would be great lines between all the memorable characters, but in part to see if Sam was finally going to fuck the living shit out of Diane. I have a tape in the VCR right now with about fifteen minutes of Shall We Dance left to watch tonight, and all I want to know is whether Richard Gere is going to boink Jennifer Lopez before it's over or if he's going to give it good to his wife, Susan Sarandon instead. If not for wanting to know which of the two highly desirable women will get the "Gere shaft" I'd not have continued watching a dance movie past the first half hour or so in the first place.

A day of grabbing Dee's tits and ass at every opportunity or of slipping a few fingers up inside her shorts whenever I can certainly sets a great stage for later when we're alone in the bedroom. We each know so well when the other wants it passionately, and passing the rest of a day in wait until we can consumate our lust after the kids are out of the house or in bed only fuels the arousal and makes the eventual expression of our pent up desire more pleasurable. In facing something as simple as the indecision of when to make Dee stop sucking my dick so I can put it into her pussy there's a delectable amount of sexual tension that makes me a little dizzy in a good way. Even when I was single and without the benefit of female flesh to enjoy I often built the desire to cum in myself by trying to see if I could stroke my cock a few times for every picture in a magazine from cover to cover before making myself spurt. The more tension in waiting, the better an orgasm is!

That very same tension is a large part of what makes an evening of watching Dee make love with the guys as exciting to me as one is. My cock throbs during their foreplay when Dee's teasing a lover's dick and balls with little licks of her tongue or just brushing her fingers over his asshole ever so lightly to make him moan as his hips thrust forward involuntarily. I love especially the devilish grin she often wears when she's prolonging a lover's entry into her body by teasing him as much as she can, often inviting him to bring her to climax multiple times before taking him inside her. Now and then a patient lover will do the same to her and bring her to the edge of orgasm only to slow his ministrations to her excited flesh and make her wait until the urge to climax subsides before starting again to touch or lick her fun parts. I don't think there's a finer moment to experience than to be there when somebody hovers on the very brink of orgasm like that with a nearly insane need to cum. Witnessing the actual climax is almost a let down because of how much erotic power there is in that iota of a second right before it happens.

There are always some special moments of sexual tension when Dee's with Mike or Don. With Mike I think the best moments are when one of us is sucking his cock as a prelude to him fucking Dee. He really gets into being worked over orally and hearing him moan and watching his hips rolling as he moves to thrust his cock gently into the mouth that's pleasuring him thrills me whether I'm just watching or if it's my mouth he's inside. With Don, I think the most highly charged moments of that tension happen when he pulls his slick cock from her pussy and puts it to the tight ring of her asshole. It's as if an eternity passes as he poises himself right there at his target before the head of his dick starts to stretch Dee's ass open, though consciously I know that barely a full second passes till he's pushing himself way in between her soft buns. Though the wait is virtually non-existent, knowing how much each of them desires the feeling of Don's cock deep in Dee's ass makes the moment particularly keen for me and raises that "tension" to a fevered pitch.

There's a good amount of sweet sexual tension when Dee's with somebody new because neither she nor her partner know each other's bodies yet and there's that somewhat awkward give and take of getting started and then of proceeding full steam ahead. I savor those initial moments when Dee and a new lover undress each other and touch each other's erogenous zones for the first time. Both bodies shiver and shudder with their tentative touches. Tongues explore lips, fingers wrap around swollen flesh, and wet parts make their juicy little sounds when touched, but it's all done with a delicious degree of hesitation in an exploratory and experimental way. It's always a highly charged evening when a guy who hasn't been inside Dee's velvety hole yet foreplays with her nude body and she with his because the room pulsates with their mutual desire to fuck. The longer they hold off that ultimate, intimate joining while licking and sucking each other, the hotter every moment gets. When Dee takes her lover out of her mouth with an audible pop and swings her legs wide apart while guiding his cock between her swollen, juicy labia so he can feel her cunt wrap around his stiff shaft for the very first time - I am most alive! In delaying my own orgasm with Dee while watching another man take her to the brink and over the edge of climax repeatedly with a skilled dick, I know that in my own eventual climax I'm going to see some pretty spectacular fireworks.

In conclusion, whether it's the sexual tension that makes me keep watching a movie for a few hours or the fleeting sexual tension present in an exceptionally hot second of time on a bed, that waiting to witness or to experience a wild explosion of pleasure just makes life better!

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