Monday, June 06, 2005

Musings: Precum

I've always been a fan of precum - for many years, my own. As a kid who jerked off as often as I could with Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler - the mainstays of erotica for a kid in the 70's - I learned early on that the longer I could hold off my orgasm the better it would feel and taught myself to hold off cumming for a long time, usually long enough to cover a new issue of something full of hotties from front to back. It wasn't unsual for me to ogle the babes and bring myself to the edge of climax repeatedly for an hour or better, the whole time drizzling copious amounts of precum which I'd use as a lube for my further ministrations toward my own pleasure. My precum was a direct indicator of my level of arousal - the faster it oozed out of me, the deeper my urgency to climax became. Right before I would take myself over the edge into orgasm the stuff was practically pouring out of me and my need to cum was nearly maddening.

It was May 31st of 2003 the first time that a drop of precum oozing from another man's cock made me take a hard, throbbing notice. Dee had made love with Rob for the first time the evening before and we returned to his motel room the next morning to take advantage of another opportunity for her to fuck him before he had to get on the road. Rob opened the door without a stitch of clothing on and immediately took Dee into his arms to start kissing her passionately. She returned his broad hugs and back caresses for a while as their tongues sparred, eventually slipping a hand down to cup and knead Rob's balls. Rob worked a hand up Dee's shirt and was pleased to find that her tits were braless; he then raised her shirt to her neck and got to his knees to suck on Dee's nipples while squeezing her breasts with both hands. Dee's head was tilted back and she was sighing from the pleasure of Rob's mouth on her pips as I took in the steamy scene through the viewfinder of the camera. I looked down at some point and saw a shiny string of precum stretching from the tip of Rob's hard, uncut cock to the floor below his balls, and watched in utter fascination as the string thickened and then broke as a full drop of his precum dripped from his cock to the rug below. I snapped a great picture just a little while later as another gooey drop built at his hole and then drizzled down to the floor. It seemed a moment of pure, white hot desire as Rob kissed and sucked my wife's hard, red nipples as his cock betrayed his intense desire to lay Dee back and to enter her body which he did shortly thereafter. I knew that ultimate level of desire all too well, and was glad that Rob was feeling it that strongly for Dee.

It was August 9th, only a few weeks later, the second time I was awed by a drop of precum issuing from another man's dick. Regardless that I'd seen Dee and Don make love dozens of times by then, and that I'd already watched her bring three other guys to climax, that was a particularly intense evening when Dee and Gerry did it for the first time and I watched in awe as Dee made Gerry's cock leak with excitement. After Dee and Gerry undressed they showered because it was a hot evening and both of them wanted to feel fresh before taking to the bed. I watched them shower and there was plenty of fun touching going on. Gerry's cock was fantastically hard as Dee toyed with it during their shower and while drying each other off. Afterwards, Dee led Gerry to the bed and laid him back, taking the upper hand in their foreplay which started with Dee sitting beside him, gently stroking his dick and smiling from ear to ear at him as he writhed in pleasure. She leaned in and they licked tongues for a while and Dee's fingers slowly kept lightly stroking the full length of Gerry's stiff dick. It was then that I noticed the wetness at the very tip of Gerry's cock and I was transfixed. My eyes couldn't leave that very spot where the growing drop of precum oozing from the head of Gerry's bloated cock got bigger and bigger. It absolutely thrilled me to know how much Gerry wanted Dee right then and the proof was in the precum. It wasn't long after that when Dee took Gerry into her warm mouth, drop of precum and all, and their foreplay began in earnest. Again, seeing Gerry's cock dripping fueled my own passion in knowing that his desire for her was at its ultimate peak.

I don't really remember seeing another drop of precum since, though Dee's been with a variety of lovers, but every time she settles down to make love with somebody I watch and wait for another glistening drop that will tell me in no uncertain terms that her lover's cock is as excited as it can possibly be with the desire to be inside her. I like it when somebody wants her that much and his cock can't help but to leak in anticipation of cumming hard and fast when she's ready to make him squirt.

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