Thursday, June 16, 2005

Musings: Still Obsessing over Dee's First Cock

Somehow, this all goes back to Dee losing her virginity - or at least to her telling me about it back when we first met. As soon as she told me about it I wished that I could have been there; I've mentioned that before here so I don't want to repeat myself, but lately I've been thinking a lot about that evening and the guy who "made her a woman."

We were watching the Eagles farewell tour a couple of weeks ago and Dee said that one of the guys looked like Richie from the back. It was the first time she'd mentioned Richie by name in a long time and that got me to thinking about him again. Richie is the guy to whom Dee gave her cherry when she was 18. He was in his 30's or 40's and her boss at a summer job. By her telling, they'd done some petting starting maybe when she was 16 and each summer they went further than the year before until they finally fucked when Dee became of legal age. I'd hated Richie for years, assuming that he'd taken advantage of her emotional vulnerability by being a friend to her, but with a hidden agenda of his own - namely to be the first to fuck her. It wasn't until three years ago, though, when Dee wrote up the definitive story of that evening with him that I realized that that's not how it happened - that she was the one who initiated their first time of going all the way, and that she kept going back for more.

When Dee wrote the story of how it all really happened we were already showing her pics online and I believe she'd already made love with Don a few times. She asked me if she could write to or call Richie to thank him for being a special friend to her at a time in her life when she really needed one. I imagined how it might've been on his end, being contacted by this woman who offered you her virginity when she was still a teenager, some twenty years later, and I urged her to contact him hoping that perhaps my ultimate fantasy might be fulfilled - of seeing them do it like they did that first time. This time, though, there'd be no need for him to wear a rubber. He'd be able to make love to Dee with just his bare cock sliding along the length of her hot pussy and to fill her with his cum as the ultimate reunion.

When Dee finally got up the nerve, she called Richie's house and spoke to whom we assume was his ex wife. She said that Richie had moved upstate, but without offering a way to contact him so Dee let the whole idea of getting in touch with him drop. I'd found some time later an e-mail address online for a woman whom Dee thought might be Richie's daughter. Dee wrote a nice letter to the address asking for contact information, but we never got a reply. Anyway, when we were watching that Eagles concert and Dee brought up his name, I did another Google on him and found a guy by that name in the same state in which Dee grew up. The address is to a P.O. box. So, do I write a nice, "Hey, you might've fucked my wife back around 1980 and I was wondering if you'd like to do it again for old time's sake," letter? I'm really tempted!

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