Thursday, July 28, 2005

Musings: Seeing Mike Tonight

We have a date with Mike alone tonight, and I'm sitting here trying to behave myself. It would be far too easy to pull up one of Dee's and Mike's steamy chats or to look at some of the pictures I have of the two of them joined together and stroke myself silly, but I like to abstain as best I can from cumming when I know I'm going to be in Dee later in the day. Although I usually stay on the sidelines with the camera when Dee's with one of her guys, after he sprays the first time I'm more than ready to climb on her, and I like to have a thick load of goo to give her myself because her pussy looks so gorgeous when it's full of cum.

Tonight will mark the 146th time that I've seen another man (or men) to varying degrees take off Dee's clothes, touch her tits, finger and eat her pussy, and then give her willing and eager mouth, pussy, and perhaps her ass the hard cock that she craves. I never get tired of seeing it all happen and the excitement is acute all around. I haven't decided yet if it's more exhilarating to watch Dee cum or to watch her make her lover squirt; I guess I'll just have to keep watching till I can narrow it down to a winner. (Just kidding, folks. EVERYBODY's a winner on an evening like this!)

Mike's first touch of Dee's tits as she works
to open his pants for her first touch of him.
December 17, 2003

It'll be Dee's 57th time with Mike and little would I have guessed on that first night when Mike joined us that he'd become one of our best friends right along with Don. Dee seemed to be in another world that night, totally possessed by a raw heat. Don had her undressed down to her yellow thong when Mike knocked on the door, and as soon as the door closed she was on him like a woman possessed. She pulled his pants to his knees, sat him in he chair beside the door and engulfed his cock with her mouth as if she were starved for it. After a little while she paused to pull his pants all the way off and then she dove for his balls with the same oral passion. A few minutes later she had Mike on the bed and crawled over to continue sucking him on her elbows and knees, giving Don the perfect invitation to slip up into her pussy doggie style.

Although Dee had taken Don and me to completion orally in the past, it had always been at our request and this would be the first time that I'd watch Dee set out deliberately to make a guy cum in her mouth. I don't remember at what point I realized from how she was sucking him vigorously that it was Dee's intention to have Mike gush into her mouth, but it blew my mind completely when it became apparent that she was working on taking his load orally. She came a few times while Don fucked her from behind and she got a little distracted when she orgasmed, but when her spasms of pleasure passed she went back to working Mike over with her lips and tongue even more hell bent than before on making him cum. I was utterly speechless and barely able to work the shutter button of the camera when Mike groaned, his body went taut, and I heard the distinct "glug" of cum filling Dee's mouth. Her lips remained sealed around the circumference of Mike's cock until he had delivered his first warm shot and then they parted. His first thick blast of cum dripped from between Dee's lips onto Mike's dick as his second spray was shooting up onto her tongue. She locked her lips around Mike's squirting cock and swirled her tongue around his glans while working his shaft with her hand before once more opening her lips a little to let his goo drip out. I was just amazed. Absolutely amazed. Later she said she'd done it because Mike had told her in chat that his first climax is usually quick with the others in the course of an evening drawn out. Her strategy worked very well because later when Mike fucked her he was able to stay in the saddle for a long time to make Dee climax multiple times. And he fucked her a few times that evening as I recall besides Don and me doing her as well.

Although when I had anticpated Mike joining us that evening he was just another guy in my mind, by the time the evening had played out it was obvious that Dee was sweet on him just as she was with Don, and I had taken a great liking to him as well. I don't know that I could spell out the qualities that made him so special to both Dee and me in the short time that it happened, but the friendship we've forged with him in the year and a half since that first night is first rate and it makes the sex we share with him now even better. I tend to be more private at times in what I write about us getting together with Don and Mike because of the closeness we share with them, but it's no less exciting to be with one or both of them than with somebody new. If anything, it's even more because we know just how good it will be!

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