Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Quickie: She Loves Being Seen

Dee loves being seen naked - by the guys we choose to be her lovers in person, and by the many guys online who write to her about having seen her pictures. For so many years I told her that she could still turn a head and make a dick firm up, and she thought I was certifiably nuts. Life's much better with a lady who enjoys taking off her clothes with a playful grin purely to show off her body in hopes of arousing her audience. Whether she's teasing the camera with just a peek of a nipple or spreading her legs and labia wide to show the world her moist folds, she loves showing off, and I love knowing that she's enjoying a photo shoot just as much as I am. Thanks to those of you who take the time on occasion to tell Dee that seeing her gives you a bit of pleasure!

Dee displays her bare bottom
for the guys who visit the
Wife Lovers website and enjoys
knowing that they're going to
see her nude charms.

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