Thursday, August 25, 2005

Musings: The Hunger

Every now and again, with no seeming predictability, I get an aching need that I call "The Hunger." (No relation to Whitley Striber's book. I used to like him until he started up with those idiotic anal probe alien books.) My hunger has to do with cock - specifically with the need to get some into my mouth to satisfy an oral craving that nothing else can satiate. What was conceived only in curiosity some years ago, and which graduated summa cum laude in fulfilling the fantasy, is now a regular staple of my sexual diet. I love the sensations of a hard cock between my lips, resting on my tongue, snuggled back where my tonsils used to hang out just as much as I find myself all giddy when my tongue is buried between a set of puffy labia and rolling over a stiff little clit. One of the lesser known men's mags that I got my mitts on when I was a kid featured a column entitled "Pussy on a Stick" - a title which made me laugh my ass off every time I saw it. In terms of sexual fulfillment, though, at this point in my life there's definitely room for that six inch long, steel hard, "pussy."

I do enjoy stiffening up a dick for Dee to fuck, but it's not always about that. Sometimes I just have this deep hankering for a piece of meat of my own regardless of what my honey's about to do with it when her pussy's dripping and she's ready to suck or fuck it herself. I'm writing about this today specifically because my hunger is up, and tonight with Mike and Don I sure as hell plan to feast at the smorgasbord of cock that'll be laid out for my dining pleasure. Between Don's throbbing upward curve and Mike's perfect fit into the back of my throat I'll be well satisfied - and so will Dee in her own ways. For now I think I need to take a nap so I don't drive myself crazy with the numerous strong desires coursing through me all at the same time, the main one being the need to plunge my own hard cock balls deep into Dee and to fill her up with my thick cum, but with the urge to suck my buddies' dicks running closely behind.

Anybody reading this who's at the moment only curious about sucking another guy's cock... GO FOR IT! It's much hotter than the fantasy itself.

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