Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Musings: Over the River and Through the Buns

I gave myself a slow stroke this morning after Dee left for work while going through the picture sets from her last couple of dates with Don and Mike. As I often do when a date with Don is approaching, I managed to time my intense urge to cum with having pics of Don fucking Dee in the ass on the screen. This morning's fare featured pics from one of the hottest sets I've ever managed to snap - views from below with Dee in their favored doggie style position, with Don's stiff cock buried in her ass, and with Mike's cum dripping out of her pussy and running in rivulets down over her stiff clit. Some of it even managed to drip onto the lens (Don't worry - I keep a cheap UV filter over the main assembly.) and clouded a small blob that shows on a few of the pictures which are otherwise crystal clear.

Part of why I love those scenes of Don taking Dee in the butt is because in a sense they represent in a nutshell just how much Dee has changed from the many years during which sex was right up there with doing the laundry for her. I won't dwell on that because it would be a repetition of things written elsewhere here, but a few nights ago she actually said to me during our love making, "I'm sorry I hated sex for all those years." It was something she didn't need to say because the depression that caused her total lack of libido and enjoyment of all things sexual wasn't her fault; still it was nice to hear to reaffirm just how much she values and treasures her greatly pleasurable sexual moments now.

Perhaps the main reason that the Don and Dee ass fucking pics grip me as they do, though, is because of how Dee cums when they're doing it that way. I won't pretend to understand it in the least - how she climaxes again and again while Don's dick is working the tight ring of her asshole. He's not touching her clitoris in any way; he's nowhere near it. Likewise, his cock is about as far from her G-spot as it can get. Nonetheless, her orgasms are fantastic to witness. They're intense, and there are many of them. So many, and so quickly punctuated that it's difficult at times to tell when one is ending and the next is beginning. Combine the expressions of pleasure on her face with her moans of, "Cum in me! Cum in my ass!" and you've seen and heard nothing in any porn movie that could come close to rivaling this very real thing that it's my great joy to watch time and time again when my wife's lover is skewering her ass with his very eager, very hard cock.

Dee's last anal romp with Don, the images of which I scrolled through this morning while pleasuring myself, was a record breaker. From the time stamps on the pictures themselves it's apparent that Don fucked Dee's ass for sixteen minutes straight until he came in her. It was positively riveting and while they were at it Mike and I exchanged a number of "Wow!" glances with each other not only in recognition of how hard and fast Dee was cumming, but at Don's amazing endurance as well. If you've never seen people fuck live and in person, again, the difference between a movie and the actuality is stark and the nude bodies of the lovers joined together by that excited, stiff bridge of flesh become a single entity of moving, writhing, squirming pleasure as the ancient dance of lust is skillfully executed. When Don finally groaned his ultimate pleasure and his cock filled Dee's ass with his warm cum I felt like applauding. It was just great on so many levels all at once!

Yeah, I've fucked Dee's ass to climax myself a number of times, but I much prefer her velvety, juicy pussy. When she has to wait in between "dates" to get ass fucked she's really primed for it when it's time to assume the position and she scrambles eagerly onto her elbows and knees when Don's ready for it, usually later in a typical evening of play after he's made her cum with his cock in her pussy every which way but sideways and sometimes that way too. One of her best quotes ever which I'm sure I'll never forget (Well, at least until I can't remember where I put my hearing aid and dentures.) - Don was fucking her ass passionately and she hissed, "Oh! I waited all day for this!" right before the spasms of a strong orgasm began to overtake her. Like so many things that have been my pleasure to witness since we started sharing Dee, I'll probably never understand this ass fucking thing - why it's so phenomenally pleasurable for her. But, luckily I've been able to give up the "need" to understand, and it's not any the less wonderful to be there and to see my darling wife taking in as much pleasure as she can manage to get, and returning it with equal fervor!

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