Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Musings: What Was It About Today's Post?

It's often surprising how a single post at Wife Lovers or Show Me Your Wife now and then generates a flood of mails to Dee and/or me. Today was such a day when our morning post featured a number of scenes from Dee's latest intimate date with Mike last week. Being a Wife Lovers post, it was low-key, showing only implied action and none of the real thing, yet Dee got a blast of mails unlike she's gotten in quite a while, and I got a bunch of fun notes myself from some old friends and a number of new acquaintances. I really can't figure out what made this post different enough from most of the others to have generated such an outpouring of juicy letters, but I'm glad that it did.

Though I didn't count them, I'd bet that well over a dozen guys confessed to having cum while looking at today's post. Whether or not they actually shot while looking at Dee I can only guess, but if all the guys who've claimed to let go of their goo with her on their screens through the years have been truthful, enough spunk has flown in Dee's honor to fill a nice sized wading pool. I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit to a sense of pride in having a wife whose body and attitude about sex inspires a lot of pleasure; she truly is as much fun as she seems to be in her pictures, stories, and letters. I'd just love to nail down the common denominator though, and determine what it is that makes one showing a banner one, such as today's, while others which I think are much hotter seem to fall by the wayside without attracting much attention nor feedback.

How about it, guys? What makes a particular showing of naked amateur pics the kind that makes you want to take out your dick and play it like a Stradivarius while another doesn't merit even a few feeble toots on your kazoo?

This simple shot of Mike's hard cock
poised between Dee's soft tits
generated a lot of positive feedback
today in the letters Dee and I received
from a number of appreciative, horny guys.

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