Thursday, August 18, 2005

Musings: Seeing Mike Tonight!

We're seeing Mike tonight and I can't remember a time when I sent Dee off to work hornier than she seemed to be this morning. She started wiggling her bottom enticingly at me when she came into the room after her shower and slipped her robe down over her shoulders to present her nude form to my approving gaze, and she might as well have had, "I WANT COCK!" written on her inner thighs with red marker for how utterly apparently her wanton desire was showing. If she'd had the time I'd have bent her over her dresser and taken her right there next to her panty drawer where she continued shaking her soft, still wet from the shower buns in my face while rummaging around through her collection for the panties which Mike had requested for her to wear to work today - pale yellow, "sensible" panties.

She paused to slide onto the bed with me for a little while after she found them and set them aside. I commented on how eager she seemed to be for Mike's dick later and she readily agreed. We spent a few minutes talking dirty to each other while I played with her ass, and I told her that with the mood she was in Mike was going to slide his cock up inside her and on the outstroke I'd be seeing his shaft coated thick with her pussy cream - something that I find tremendously exciting because that sheen of her cream on her lover's dick shows me just how aroused she'd been all day in anticipation. On such an evening, as they fuck, Dee's juice will drip from her opening where her lover's cock and she are joined together and make it appear that he'd already cum long before he has. That positive proof of her pleasure really gets to me because it's exactly what sharing her is all about - for her to enjoy herself to the max.

But, the clock was ticking, and after a minute or two of teasing each other Dee had to leave the bed. First she went to her mirrored dresser on the other side of the room, still totally nude, to run the brush through her hair while blowing it partially dry. I watched her buns work as she walked across the room from the bed and again wished we'd had the time to fuck like bunnies right then and there. I watched her tits sway as she came back over to her panty drawer and sighed from the desire to knead and suck on them that I needed to keep in check. Dee drew her yellow panties up her legs and then did that patented women's shuffle as she pulled them over her thighs and worked her bottom into them. Her big nipples were stiff with sexual energy and their hardness showed through her powder blue bra as she drew the cups up over each of her breasts in turn - first the left, then the right as always. Oh, how her bottom was dancing around as she grinned at me. She knows how much it excites me to know that she's craving dick, and this morning she was pulling out all of the stops to bring my arousal to a peak. It worked very well because even now as I'm keying this I'm pausing after every sentence or two to give myself a few strokes. I won't let myself squirt till tonight when my cock is deep in Dee's belly enjoying sloppy seconds after Mike fills her up with cum, but it sure does feel good to play with myself and think about her.

I watched Dee in her panties and bra cross the room to the closet and she didn't appear to be her usual indecisive self as she rather quickly selected her pink skirt and climbed into it. The same was true of her top; apparently she'd given some dedicated thought to her wardrobe, perhaps while in the shower this morning. Too quickly all her fun parts were covered up and she was at the armoire choosing a necklace. (She already had her "hot wife" anklet in place around her right ankle.) Another trip across the room to select the sandals with the pink straps and Dee was fully dressed. She came back to the bed and leaned forward to show me her cleavage and then climbed next to me again to share a minute or two of tease talk. I asked her which of the guys at work would probably like to do her and without missing a beat she named three of her co-workers whom she assured me would most likely take her to bed if given the opportunity. Though we have no plans to invite any of them to join us because we prefer to keep our sexual dalliances a little further from "home," it's still exciting to think that when Dee's at work some of the guys around her are probably on occasion thinking about fucking her. Hey! It's a guy thing. Right?

Just as I enjoyed seeing Dee get dressed, I'll enjoy even more watching Mike undress her later today. By then perhaps her blue bra will be long gone and her tits will be free in her blouse, and her yellow, practical panties will have been traded in for a thong, but the electric warmth of arousal will rush through me regardless of what Mike's taking off her. I already know that Mike will be without pants when he opens the door for us, and I have little doubt that he won't already be fully hard when we enter the room, but it'll excite me to see his stiff cock - knowing that it's my wife who has him so stiff with anticipation. Their first kiss will be long, and their hands will roam freely over each other. When Dee's little fingers reach down and wrap around Mike's dick, my own body will jump as if she'd touched mine so keen will be my excitement. Little does it matter that very soon Mike and Dee will make love together for the 60th time. Each time is unique and fully arousing - as much as their first time - not only for them, but for me as well. And each time is richly emotional for all three of us because of the very close friendship we've formed with Mike since that first evening when he made love with Dee.

So, here I am a few hours removed from when Dee got out of the shower, as excited as a husband can be in knowing that one of his wife's special lovers is going to fuck her royally before the sun sets. Mike knows it too because Dee called him on her way to work to tell him quite specifically how ready she is for him. I love this little vixen of mine! I can't wait to see Mike make her cum...

...and cum...

...and CUM!

The camera captures Dee this morning
with her skirt hiked up as she's getting
her lunch ready to take to work.

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