Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Bit o' the Goo

Here I was, after work, alone in the house, trying to be good, just visiting my TDF directory ("folder" to those of you who've only lived in the post DOS, Windows world - and TDF stands for "To Die For") when I came upon a picture of a girl from I Shot Myself dot com that gripped me. In other words, when I saw it, I had to open my pants and take my dick for a little spin around the block - figuratively, of course, lest I scare old ladies out on the sidewalk. It was pretty much like most pictures of the classic beaver shot - some bare inner thigh, a bit of ass, a beautiful slit right down the middle - totally nondescript but for one, small, but fantastically significant detail - a glistening drop of pearly moisture peeking out at the bottom of the little honey's cleft in the general area of her opening. She was wet when the picture was taken!

It's not often that a picture can prove that the naked lady in it was genuinely aroused, thus most pictures of bare babes are a dime a dozen. One like this one, though, is worth at least ten thousand others pulled from usenet in a huge trolling net in hopes of finding a few keepers. The drop of gal goo is too perfect to have been contrived - for some clever photographer to have deposited a drop of spurious cunt juice of just the proper consistency right there with a pipette so perfectly as to make it appear genuine. I have no doubt that this is the real article. Neither does my dick which responded most heartily to the splendid sight of womanly flesh so sweetly aroused as to "weep" with desire.

And so, my first cum of the day was spent in this lady's honor with my warm goo squirting out of me as I stared unwaveringly at that eternally poised drop of her pussy cream oozing from her turned on hole. So hot!
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