Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Getting the Hunger

We're two days away from a play date with Mike and I'm practically slavering myself with thoughts of oral possibilities. Sometimes I think my mouth's main purpose is to deliver sexual pleasure rather than to nourish myself because while I never find myself fantasizing about my next meal I do find myself in the grip of lascivious thoughts regarding a stiff clitoris, a hard cock, and my face. That's where I'm at, at the moment - enjoying the various imaginings of how our time with Mike might play itself out, especially in those moments when his hard cock will be all mine to enjoy like when Dee's taking a little cuddle break and kissing him passionately while I'm sucking him with equal passion. Of course I'm thinking about the magnificent lickety split wetness between Dee's puffy labia too - before, and after she's been filled with Mike's cream and my own - and of that joy juice coating my tongue liberally I trip the light fantastic orally along the length of her cleft. I'm oh, so hungry for pussy and cock. I hate waiting!
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