Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Evening of Wife Sharing Fireworks

We just got in a little while ago from Dee's 105th time of making love with Don and although it's been over three years since that very first time she opened her legs for him- for any man other than me since we'd married - the incredible excitement continues for the three of us. It very well might be even better now than it was then because of our great familiarity with each other's bodies.

It was a nice night of play with Don and me playing together even more than usual. He promised me a rim job for this evening and oh, did he deliver! With my throbbing cock in Dee's mouth and Don's tongue all over and around my asshole and balls the pleasure was amazingly delicious.

Once again Dee got ass fucked by Don royally and came like a maniac all over his cock as it worked her between the buns. Her pussy dripped her cream the whole time Don's dick did her backside as a silent witness to her deep arousal. And, as always, I was awed by the depth of Dee's apparent pleasure in taking her lover's cock anally.

It's late here considering that I need to be up early for a work related day trip so I'm going to close with a simple image from this evening for our first contribution to "pussybloggingfriday." Don's strong hand rests on Dee's smooth vulva at the outset of their play - before his tongue separates her folds to give her her first orgasm of the evening.

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1 comment:

andrew said...

beautiful pussy and photo. would love to see a similar one of dee's anus. thank you for sharing your lives with us.