Saturday, October 22, 2005

Taking it ALL Off

I need Dee to be fully nude when there's sex happening whether it's between her and me, or between her and a lover. Yes, it's fun when she asks a man what he'd like her to wear on a motel date and honors his clothing requests, and my cock literally throbs when I watch a lover undress her and start to touch her fun parts playfully, but when it comes to getting down to business involving a stiff dick and Dee's soft pussy I like her to be completely without a stitch on her body. I like to see her breasts roll when she's getting fucked, or her lover's hands all over them. I like to see her back muscles ripple when her round buns are rising and falling as she mounts her lover and then rides him. I like to see her smooth legs and calves and the soles of her feet when they're parted on either side of the man who's inside her.

I like for Dee to lose herself in her lover when they're together, and that begins with symbolically giving herself to him completely by being totally nude. The gesture of removing every last bit of her clothing says that her entire body is his for his pleasure in whatever way he'd like to enjoy it. No holes are barred. No flesh is forbidden. I like watching her lover watch her and study her bare body while they're cuddling, while he's licking her between her legs, while she's lapping his balls and sucking his cock. I like when he watches her get into position for him to enter her - when she lies back and raises her legs high and wide for him, or gets on all fours looking eagerly back over her shoulder for him to mount her. Though I reserve a good sized chunk of her heart entirely for myself, her body is his when they're on a bed together - entirely on the outside, and as far inside her as he can reach with the tip of his cock and especially at that moment when he's anointing that soft, warm, juicy flesh with his cum.

Bob's enjoying the sight of Dee's
bare body and the feel of her soft
breasts and hard nipples as his
cock enjoys the snug, warm feeing
of her equally bare pussy

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