Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pass the Basket and Bring on the Vulvas

So, there I was this morning, tuning out the sermon in church and thinking about cunnilingus - about licking Dee who was sitting beside me, about my first taste of my sister's best friend's pussy a lifetime ago, about the other delicious women I've lapped in the past three years, and about various lickable looking MILFs there in the pews. I checked out a few doable matrons in turn, fantasizing about what their gashes would look, feel, smell, and taste like, how they'd respond - wondered if they were noisy cummers or low moaners, if they enjoyed doing the sixty-nine. You know - the usual things one contemplates while studying the workable women at church and thinking about doing some serious tongue poking under their panties. The more I thought about eating their pussies the more afraid I got that my tongue would get hard and poke through my lips involuntarily; OK, not literally, but it makes an interesting and humorous visual I think.

Snackin' on the slit was never an acquired taste for me. I was hooked from the first touch of the tip of my tongue to a set of hairy labes and pussy eating remains for me nearly a necessity when it comes to foreplay. Now and then if Dee's tired or having her period she'll just suck my dick till I'm ready to fuck her and I can't complain about a lack of attention to the boys, but it does feel like something's missing if I don't get my ration of juicy snatch. Licking the clam is as close to a meditative state as I've ever come; often Dee has to push me away when she's cum enough and starts to get too sensitive because some nights I'd just go on forever lapping away as if I were the one being tended to rather than doing the tending.

Now and then I'll hear about some straight, married guy who says that he thinks eating pussy is disgusting and I can't help but wish that I could pay his wife an occasional visit with my always-eager-to-please tongue. Now and then I'll hear about some woman - Traci Lords, for example - who says she doesn't really like having her pussy licked, and I can't help but think, That's 'cause she's never had me do it to her. (Yes, I'm humble too.) I can't imagine a life without licking women between their legs. It would be as empty as... going to church and listening to the sermon instead of using the time more wisely in being thankful for the little things in life that make it so grand - like darling pussies that love to be licked!

I tasted Jane's scrumptious muff
for the first time this past May.

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~ Storm said...

I feel the same way about sucking J's cock. If he cums hard from me sucking him, I feel a certain post-orgasmic euphoria, even if I haven't cum yet.

Frenchy said...

what a sweet post and such a great plug for religion... why not be greatful for the temple god gave us to worship in ? HA! on a serious note, do u dislike licking a menstruating woman? I LOVE it! tastes even sweeter!!!!