Sunday, October 09, 2005

Twenty-Five Words or Less

First of all, it should be "Twenty-Five Words or Fewer," but sometimes I wonder if I should continue to bother trying to protect the language from the so many abuses it takes here on the 'net on a daily basis when it seems to be a losing battle? Though I wonder, I'll keep up the fight against the idiots who insist on communicating with crap notes like, "how r u 2day," because there's just no excuse whatsoever for writing as if everything one learned about basic English before the fourth grade doesn't matter. As usual, I digress, but in doing so I'm making the point I'd hoped to make...

A few fellow bloggers seem to be on a "25-words" kick - writing a blog entry in 25 words or fewer. Sorry! I'm the kid who never did well on fill in the little circles with #2 pencil tests because there were never enough of those damned circles to contain everything I wanted to say. Words are free (unless you're paying an attorney to write them) and I'll never be bound by a strict number. If you give me a limited, insufficient number of lines on which to write, I'm the kind who'll turn the page sideways and write in the margins with little arrows drawn in to direct the reader to where I want him to go with me.

And when I do that, I hope you'll come along with me to wherever I might go - into Dee's mushy pussy with a lover's bloated dick till he cums with a most intense pleasure, into my mouth with a man's hard cock to satisfy my oral craving and a desire or two of his as well, or simply into the recesses of my oversexed brain where I love to give guided tours. But, please! Never set up roadblocks at which my writing is supposed to stop when the words just need to go on till they reach a conclusion which satisfies me.

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