Sunday, October 16, 2005

Riding the Rim of Pleasure

Imagine being told, "When I see you this week, be sure to get your ass squeaky clean because I want to rim you."

Then imagine that the speaker is a man who's made your wife orgasm thousands of times as he fingered and licked her, and fucked her over 100 times - about 80 of those times in her ass after enjoying the warm and delightful sensations provided by her mouth and pussy.

Getting rimmed is just one of the fun fringe benefits of being a bi, hot wife husband!

The guy I'm referring to here is Don, the man who took Dee's extramarital cherry over three summers ago, and who remains one of her two regular lovers. Except for kissy shit and bizarre stuff, Don and I have done everything to and with each other that two guys can possibly do with our cocks, mouths, and asses. I'm not all that hot on having his long cock in my ass, but he can lick me there with that snake-like tongue of his any day of the week and slide his smooth dick into the back of my throat just as often! Yes, I've been on the other side of that ass licking equation with him at times too and there's something really cool about it beyond the obvious sensations of feeling that tight ring twitch against the tip of your tongue, or feeling your own doing the twitching in response to being orally stimulated. Seeing his rock solid cock jump whenever I touch that magic spot in the center with the tip of my tongue is awesomely rewarding, but this week I'm going to lie back with my legs up far and wide apart and let him minister to my horny wants till he has his fill.

I'm writing this a mere hour or so away from hearing the doorbell signal Mike's arrival. He's coming up to fuck Dee on our bed as you might have read in yesterday's entry, and I'm oozing so much precum here in anticipation that the front of my boxers is currently featuring a respectable sized wet spot. After a sound fucking and sucking all around we'll head out for lunch, and then perhaps come back here for another quickie or three depending on how much we eat and how we're feeling.

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