Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sex is an Always Kind of Thing

My whole life revolves around sex - not only revolves, but rotates as well. I eat, drink, and breathe sex just about every waking hour of every single day, and sometimes while I'm sleeping too unless I have weird dreams about running through glue with monsters chasing me, but they can probably be related to sex too with a touch of imagination or a little thought. I make no apologies for sex being at the center of my being; I've been like this since junior high school, and I've had few regrets in my 40+ years.

My next opportunity to cum is nearly always on my mind and I look forward to it with a joyful expectation. People speak with seeming disdain at times of those "few seconds of pleasure" as if they're hardly worth the effort, the trouble and sometimes expense, and the occasional risk. To me those fleeting seconds of intense physical sensation when my toes are curled and my cock is pumping out my cum are what life is all about. I wait for them with a keen excitement, and I savor them with every fiber of my being. When my dick is happy, all of me is happy.

I've been living in a miracle for the past three years in having a wife who is equally interested in her own orgasms, who loves having them as much as I love having mine, who's no longer afraid to explore varied pleasures which only a few years ago she'd have sooner died than tried. I revel in her climaxes nearly as much as I do in my own. I love to watch her cum - to see the spasms of her pleasure make her writhe and squirm with jolts with electric pleasure. I love being the source of that pleasure to her with my own body, and in providing the extramarital experiences which afford her sensations different than the ones which I can minister to her myself simply because every man is unique.

I think about naked women all the time. Just about every woman I see or know gets undressed by my eyes though I'm not so hot at doing the undressing because I was cursed with a crappy visual imagination. I scour the hot wife picture posting forums and the personals newsgroups for new pictures constantly. I never get enough. I want to bang most of the women I work with (if I could duct tape their mouths shut after they blow me). I want to fuck most of the women at the mall on a typical visit - all the ladies at church on Sundays. I watch the crotches of men when I'm in the mood, and I think about sucking their cocks.

As I'm writing this Dee's on the phone with a lady friend and I'm thinking about fucking them both. (The friend, though... socks in the mouth, and then the duct tape.) I'll be cumming soon, when the friend finally shuts up. Life is good! Sex rules!

Dee strikes a pose during the phone
call I was writing about and shows me
"the girls" to keep me hard.

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Biker & Teacher said...

“When my dick is happy, all of me is happy.” I couldn’t have said it better.

When you find a woman who has the same sex-drive, who is interested in many of the same things, but who has her own mind and ideas too – that’s when you have a keeper! My Teacher is a keeper and there’s no need to duct tape her beautiful mouth, only her wrists and ankles sometimes for fun! ;D

The Biker