Friday, October 07, 2005


One of the best fringe benefits of being a "hot wife husband" is having a wife who is - well, HOT, regardless of whomever else we might be sharing her body and a piece of her heart with on occasion or regularly. Case in point - last evening. A most unusual calendar thing saw Dee and I not at our usual place with our usual guy(s) but doing real life stuff at the time when we'd have preferred to have been with Mike or Don or both, and as it sometimes happens it was probably a good thing that our plans weren't the usual ones because Dee felt really icky after supper and wouldn't have had her usual wanton look about her nor the energy to make good on it if we'd been seeing the guys. Nevertheless...

My sweetheart knows how my cock likes to have all of its ducks in a row, (meaning that it's been well conditioned to cum hard on Thursday evenings) and at bedtime, even though she was more sick feeling than anything else, when I laid on the bed beside her thinking we'd just be watching a little TV, she turned the television off, stripped herself down, and laid on the bed with her thighs parted beside me with her head by my calves to give me a fantastic view of her pussy as she reached for my balls. I started stroking my dick while Dee's deft fingers danced all over, around, and under the boys, and with Dee's moist slit staring me in the face I was stiff in no time.

In I went, up into Dee's furry, warm place, savoring the sensations of her incredible pussy flesh surrounding and caressing my excited dick. I flexed my hips after I was snuggled up inside and I felt my balls kiss Dee's upturned buns as her sweet hole engulfed every last millimeter of my throbbing cock. There's no better feeling in the world that I know of - nothing that comes even close. Call me a caveman, but no piece of poetry, music, literature, dance, nor any other art form can raise me to such heights of emotion as can my darling wife's bare, juicy bottom churning around my dick.

Alas! Look at the time! I have to get to work...

Even though she's not feeling well
Dee's eager to give me pleasure and
shows me her goodies to get me
stiff to enjoy her pussy

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